Windward's offseason plan

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by windward, Jan 2, 2012.

  1. windward

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    Free Agency:
    Ben Grubbs /Carl Nicks G Ravens/Saints- Locks down one of the guard positions
    Terrell Thomas CB Giants- Coming off injury might get a FA steal here
    Michael Griffin FS Titans Replaces Elam
    Kirk Morrison ILB-replaces Brooking

    1. David DeCastro G-Stanford- Best Olineman in draft, Oline now a strength
    2. Chase Minnifield CB-Virginia- Good bloodlines can ease in with signing of FA corner
    3. Brandon Lindsey OLB-Pitt Need more passrush
    4. Trevor Guyton DE-Cal -replaces Coleman
    5. Vick Ballard RB-Mississippi St- Think he can be a solid short yardage back
    6. George Bryan TE NC State-Replaces Bennett
    6. Derek Wolfe DE-Cincinnati-replaces Hatcher
    7.Kellen Moore QB-Boise St-Smart, developmental QB

    Juron Criner WR-Arizona
    Carmen Messina ILB-New Mexico

    QB:Romo, McGee, Moore
    RB: Murray, Jones, Ballard
    FB: Fiammetta
    WR: Austin, Bryant, Robinson, Harris, Radway, Criner
    TE:Witten, Phillips, Bryan
    OT:Smith, Free, Parnell
    OG Nicks/Grubbs, DeCastro, Arkin, Nagy, Kosier
    C : Kowalski, Costa

    DE Spears, Lissemore, Guyton, Wolfe, Geathers
    NT Ratliff, Brent
    OLB Ware, Spencer, Butler, Lindsey, Albright
    ILB Lee, Carter, Morrison, Messina
    CB Jenkins, Scandrick, Minnifield, Thomas, Butler
    S Sensabaugh, Griffin, Church, McCray

    K Bailey
    P McBriar
  2. DragonCowboy

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    I like this offseason. Hopefully would shore up the offensive line, which would be nice (it feels like we've never had a good OL), bring in some new secondary blood (although I'd like to maybe see about replacing Scandrick -- he seems like a miniNewman at this point), and brings some new blood to the linebackers.

    I'm not sure I want Spencer, though.
  3. Hailmary

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    That's a very optimistic offseason.
  4. windward

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    Well I am by nature an optimistic person :)

    Odds are we can't accomplish ALL of this, though I expect Garrett will make some significant personnel changes this offseason.

    The transformation into Garrett's team continues...
  5. fffiasco

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    Resign Ogletree then cut him before the season starts?
  6. Oh_Canada

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    Love the idea of Terrell Thomas, Spencer not so much but I understand it to some degree if he was retained. IF that were to happen I would really hope they still draft a young olb (McClellin/Lindsey work for me) somewhere fairly early.

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