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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Sandyf, Jan 17, 2013.

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    Looking at things from a need point and if Jerry's hold to his the draft is about offense, I am going that way on this draft.

    Based on several reports, it appears that Romo will get a new contract and that the following will be restructured.
    Ware, Carr, Witten, Austin, Scandrick, and Ratliff and while I don't agree with it, it appears the way Jerry is leaning.

    Jerry wants the defense to succeed quickly and that to me says he wants guys that will impact immediately.
    It could be with rookies but any draft pick is only a 50-50 chance of actually making an impact truly.

    If Jerry does redo those contracts then we should be some $18.5 million under the cap even with draft pick signing.

    Still I don't see a lot of flash in free agency. I look for Dallas to try and sign these guys with projected contract value not cap value.

    Jarius Byrd S Buffalo - has an immediate impact for the Tampa 2 - 5yrs $35 million
    Glenn Dorsey DT Kansas City - 3 tech guy for Tampa 2 - 3 yrs $20 million
    Paul Kruger DE Baltimore - here's your compliment to Ware - 5 yrs $42 million

    All young guys (under 30) and also right for the Tampa 2. Now Dallas hasn't splashed in several years but guessing Jerry will this year.

    To the draft, I think we do make a couple of trades.

    Think Jerry will franchise Spencer just to try and get some picks but in the end takes only a 2nd, 3rd and 3rd in 2013 from him from Kansas City who has extra picks due to a trade down with Arizona in the first.
    1st trade Spencer for 34, 63 and 3rd in 2013
    2nd trade, 18 for 25 and 58 from Seattle
    3rd trade 111 for 122 and 152 from Houston

    25. Jonathan Cooper OG North Carolina - will make an excellent LG
    34. Barrett Jones OC Alabama - starts to make a very good interior line, he falls due to injury concern
    47. Eric Reid S LSU - the Tampa 2 requires more safeties and ones that can cover
    58. Eddie Lacy RB Alabama - definitely an improvement to the running game and will share carries with Murray
    63. Margus Hunt DE SMU - could be a great addition for the DE spot of the Tampa 2 to spell Ware and Kruger
    80. Kyle Long OT Oregon - great bloodlines and can move, great feet
    122. Brandon Williams DT Missouri Southern - could be a real sleeper
    144. Tyrann Mathieu CB LSU - worth the shot at this point and could contribute at S and as a return guy
    153. Cierre Wood RB Notre Dame - this is really about the spot he should go, could be another surprise guy
    176. Mike Williams TE Alabama - big guy, blocks well, decent hands, we need a good blocking TE
    UDFA. Cody Davis SS Texas Tech - the Tampa 2 fits him well as an in the box guy
    UDFA. Will Compton WILB Nebraska - good speed
    UDFA. Seth Doege QB Texas Tech - PS guy and tough
    UDFA. Melvin White CB La. Lafayette - could potential be a sleeper guy
    UDFA. Knile Davis RB Arkansas - once considered a mid round pick
    UDFA. Demetrius McCray CB Applachian St. - probably best fit as a FS if he makes the pros
    UDFA. Dave Kruger DT Utah - Paul's younger brother, I would take a chance on him

    2013 Opening Day Roster

    QB - Romo, Orton - probably no change here
    RB - Murray, Lacy, Wood - could be our best set in 20 years
    FB - Vickers - no change her
    TE - Witten, Hanna, Williams - would be an improvement with Williams as a blocker
    WR - Austin, Bryant, Harris, Beasley, Coale, Green - first four seem pretty well locked
    OT - Smith, Long, Parnell, Weems - Long should maintain that right side for years but could go left if Smith struggles
    OG - Cooper, Leary, Kowalski, Livings - it is all about the contracts with Kowalski and Livings
    OC - Jones, Bernadeau - if we get Jones, Bernadeau makes more sense from a multi position point

    ST - Bailey, Jones, Hughlett - Hughlett almost beat out Ladouceur last year, this year he is a much cheaper option

    DT - Dorsey, Williams, D. Kruger, Ratliff, Lissemore - Would make for a strong group
    DE - Ware, P. Kruger, Hunt, Crawford - excellent group with plenty of speed
    WLB - Carter, Albright - both have the speed to cover here
    MLB - Lee, Sims - smart and savy two
    SLB - Wilbur, Sheffield - strong at the point of attack for the run game
    CB - Carr, Claiborne, Scandrick, Mathieu, White - could be a strong group to help
    S - Byrd, Church, Johnson, Reid, Davis - best group in 15 years
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    This is insane.
  3. ABQcowboyJR

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    LOL K. If you swap Reid for vaccaro I'm sold.

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    I think you would have to swap Jones for Vacarro because I don't see Vicarro lasting till the middle of the 2nd round. Still has to prove his speed and agility at the combine but if he runs like I think he will, he's a 1st rd pick or very early in the 2nd IMO. Of course, there is no guarantee Barrett Jones will be there either so IDK.
  5. ABQcowboyJR

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    Oh yeah, I'm saying he doesn't make it past 25. Could go as high as 10.
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    This is one of those "Dream come true" mocks. I know it's fun to consider, but it'll never happen. Sorry.
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    Seen him with as high as second round grades, so 176 doesnt look promising.
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    That was fun and the team looks WAY upgraded!

    Your trade value are way off in our favor though.
    Margus Hunt is not going in the 3rd round. Kiper has him in the 1st round, fwiw.

    Anyway, thanks for the entertainment.
    How awesome wqould this be if we pulled it off!
    I'd be thrilled.
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    You forgot to add Lattimore. We will draft Lattimore. I saw it in my crystal ball.
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    Where the hell's Jason Hatcher?
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    What have teams received for trading a Franchised player in the past (not including QBs)?

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