Wisconsin's Chris Borland compared to Panthers' Luke Kuechly

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    By Mike Huguenin
    College Football 24/7 writer

    Wisconsin linebacker Chris Borland was the Big Ten's defensive player of the year and finished his career with 421 tackles, but his lack of size is an issue for NFL scouts.

    Mayock called Borland "as fun a guy to watch on tape as I have ever seen" and praised his instincts and quickness. He compared Borland to former Dolphins LB Zach Thomas and a "sawed-off" Luke Kuechly. While Mayock admitted the measurables aren't necessarily there, he said he "wouldn't let this kid get out of the second round."

    NFL Media analyst Charles Davis said he broadcasted numerous Wisconsin games and Borland is "a guy that kept getting better." Davis also mentioned Borland's measurables as being as issue but also said Borland "makes more plays than maybe what people expect."

    Read more http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap20...ris-borland-compared-to-panthers-luke-kuechly

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