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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by ghst187, Mar 6, 2005.

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    Here's mine:
    (in order)
    1a: Mike Williams, Merriman, DJ, Braylon Edwards...otherwise trade down
    1b: Merriman (if still there), Mark Clayton, Troy Williamson, Jamaal Brown, David Pollack, Marcus Spears....otherwise trade down
    2: Daryl Blackstock, Marlin Jackson, Troy Williamson, Terrence Murphy, or a trade down for Mike Nugent
    4: Jonathon Goddard, DeMarcus Ware, Matt Jones
    5: Sam Mayes, Anthony Bryant
  2. Outlaw Heroes

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    Nice wish list. I can't see Ware and Goddard sliding to round 4, though that would be nice.

    My own wish list would include Williams, Merriman and Spears (in that order) at #11, Brown and Clayton (in that order) at #20, Roth, Ware and Jackson (in that order) at #42. In the fourth, I'd be looking for a back-up RB: someone like Barber III or Sproles.
  3. Oh_Canada

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    Ideally, I would like the Cowboys to trade at least one of the two picks downwards. However, since I cannot assume this:

    1a) Merriman (OLB)--This guy will be dominant early in his career.
    1b) Mark Clayton (WR)--I just think he is the best all-around wr in this class.
    2. Luis Castillo(DT/DE)--His size and athleticism translate into a nice end in the 3-4.
    4. Ray Willis (OT)--Bill Parcells type player. Could start sometime in first year.
    5. Mike Goolsby (ILB)--Another Parcells type.

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