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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by superpunk, Apr 4, 2007.

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    Let's say that it was a guarantee that Ted Ginn would produce at least 80% of what Devin Hester did last year, on special teams alone. And, he would be a marginal contributor from the WR position.

    Do you take him at 22? Are the field position and explosive returns enough to justify that spot, with the hopes that his raw talent can be developed into a decent WR?
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    Anybody that has the potential to effect the outcome of any giving game, reguardless of position is worthy of a first round pick IMO. I'm sure if any team could have predicted the impact Hester would have had this past year he would not have made it out of the first round. But the flip side is there is no surefire way to predict who will have that type of impact.

    To answer your second question it would depend on who is still on the board when he is there. I wouldn't be upset with Ginn being taken at 22, he has shown that type of potential to justify that pick IMO.
  3. ZeroClub

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    Sure. Obviously you have to consider who else is available, and if for example a DB is a better all around fit, but Ginn is reasonable value at #22.

    Looking through WRs who have been picked in the first round, it seems like roughly 50% turn out to be underachievers / disappointments.

    I see Ginn's kick return ability as a buffer against him being a complete bust.

    If he turns out to be a viable kick returner but not a viable WR, he'd be a disappointment - but at least he'd be contributing in some meaningful way. Which is more than can be said of many of the other WRs who will be drafted in a little over 3 weeks from now.
  4. Doomsday101

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    I see Ginn as a guy who if Dallas were to draft instantly helps the special teams and I do think he could become the eventual replacement for Glenn. I would not mind this pick at all
  5. ConcordCowboy

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    Pick the Guy...He's a Great player.

  6. superpunk

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    That's what I was thinking.

    There does become less of a risk factor there. You're rolling the dice on a great special teams guy who could possibly be a great WR. If he doesn't, at least you're getting an extra 5-8 yards of field position on average, and the occasional electrifying special teams play, which we've lacked for a long time.

    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    I believe in field position and special teams. Hester is a freak... first play in SB is a TD... he did his part... the rest of the team blew it... so...

    at 22 Ginn is worth it... its NOT all about his first season....
  8. Danny White

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    Ginn is a lock to be a better WR than Hester is a CB... so if he's 80% of the returner that Hester was, then I think it's an acceptable pick at 22.

    Now I have to go lie down, my head hurts from all this math.
  9. MichaelWinicki

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  10. Doomsday101

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    I would just consider them different type of WR. Ginn game is based on speed while Jarrett has shown himself as a guy who can go across the middle and make the difficult catches as well as a guy who has come up big in clutch situations. I think both types of WR are important on a team
  11. superpunk

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    That sounds reasonable. Unless one of the other WRs is adept at returning kicks that I don't know about, Ginn is probably the biggest lock to be the biggest contributor from that position this year. Johnson is likely going to a crap team with a crap QB, so it won't be him. Ginn's ST contributions alone make him more of an instant contributor, I think.

    hijacked. damn.
  12. Sam I Am

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    Yes, providing there wasn't a better option like Johnson, Thomas, or Peterson still on the board.
  13. Dallas5274

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    if Ginn was to fall to us it would be great. he has olympic speed and would be perfect has our third wide out for his first year. he would learn from two great receivers and the ST helps out to.
  14. lostinomiya

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    i have only seen his highlights but he would seem to add some fire to ST and, hopefully, reeiving. i would be excited if we got him.
    whether he would be the best choice for us...i will leave it up to wade and co (like they were going to seek my input anyway)
  15. firehawk350

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    Other then CJ, he supposed to be the top WR. I doubt he makes it to you guys, but if he does, it should be a great pick-up.
  16. Champsheart

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    Obviously the answer would be yes. I would be very happy with 80% of what Hester did. What would that be, like 4 Return TD's.

    Yes that would be worth it.

    Honestly I like Bowe, Meachem, and Ginn. Any one of the 3 would be fine with me, but I think all 3 would serve a different type of role even though they play WR.

    I see Ginn having the potential to make the greatest impact early.
    Mainly on returns, but I really think he could be used a lot in the offense as a utility type guy, run reverses, fake reverses, line him up in the backfield, and things like that to utilize his speed.
  17. Tristan

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    Ginn already is a very good WR, he doesn't need to develop in to a "decent WR".

    He produced all over the field as a WR at OSU, and his biggest impact on the game IMO is the way he opens up the rest of the offense by putting fear in opposing defenses and drawing so much attention.

    Does he still need to prove that he can be a productive WR in the NFL, sure. Does he have a lot to work on to become a great WR, absolutely.

    But to suggest that Ginn is nothing more than a speedy kick returner who occasionaly catches a pass, is to suggest that you have not watched him play football much.

    Ginn is 1,000 times the WR than Hester is a CB at this point. We would be very, very fortunate to have him at 22, I say trade up if need be to get him, period.
  18. superpunk

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    In college, where he can outrun everyone - yeah. Once he takes that next step, as a WR his speed doesn't matter so much.

    Your second assumption would be correct. But I did not say the first part, nor did I even suggest it. I said nothing about his production in college, but the accepted theory is that he is a raw talent who would need some work. That's why I was focusing on his phenomenal return abilities for the hypothetical. Developing into a decent NFL WR (at least) is gravy.
  19. MichaelWinicki

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  20. Danny White

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    Since they play different positions, let's not compare him to Hester.... put it this way, if Ginn were to be the next Dante Hall, would he be worth the #22 pick?

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