News: With Tanney decision on horizon, Stephen Jones downplays loss of Matt Moore

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Aug 28, 2013.

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    -- Carlos Mendez

    Executive vice president Stephen Jones was asked Tuesday if the organization learned a lesson from the experience with Matt Moore, considering they may face a similar decision with Alex Tanney.

    “With all due respect to Matt Moore, I don’t know if we let anything get out of here that is going to win us playoff games,” Jones said. “Anyway, I just hadn’t seen that we let something get out of here that was something we needed to have. He went on to be a roster player and made some starts. I don’t know necessarily, though, if it would have made a difference in our plight.”

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  2. CATCH17

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    I'm fine with letting Tanney go. I wouldn't even feel comfortable with him as a backup.
  3. NickZepp

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    I don't get why people think Matt Moore was this great loss as a backup QB. He's been a very average backup his entire career. His best full year as a starter was 2011 and even then it was 12 games. And while his numbers overall are just okay 16 TDs, 9 INTs. 2400 yards, and 60% comp which are all okay numbers. He also got sacked 36 times. He also lost 6 fumbles that year. So he basically ended up with about as many turnovers as TDs. I might like him as a backup but we've had better backups in Dallas in recent years. I'm not sure if Tanney is much better than a decent enough backup. I might like him better than Orton right now.
  4. MichaelWinicki

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    I've never understood the man-love for Matt Moore.
  5. Reality

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    The main reason it bothered me was that we cut Matt Moore and kept Brad Johnson who was done by then. It wasn't that anyone expected Moore to be the future starter, it was that at the time, we did not know what we had in Romo other than "moxie" and many fans felt we should be have a younger backup. Matt Moore showed poise for a young quarterback back then that made him standout and made Brad Johnson look very old and slow in comparison. That said, in the end, it did not really impact the team that much in losing him.

  6. conner01

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    i don't get why people think losing matt moore was a big deal. so we lost a career backup qb
    i like tanney and think he is worth trying to develope. but not at the cost of a roster spot. i still don't think he will get claimed. it's not like every team in the league did'nt have a chance to sign him and it's not like he has played so good in pre season against guys who won't be in the nfl in a week that you can't take the risk. if someone is willing to put him on their 53 man roster let them have him
    i think he will clear waivers and we can sign him to the ps and with a little luck he could be the backup next year. but he is still a long ways from being an nfl backup
  7. Doomsday101

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    While I would not lose sleep over it I do hope Dallas will be able to get Tanny on the PS. I think he has shown enough to at least work with him and try to develop him
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    i call BS.we drafted mcgee with a 4th rd pick after letting moore go,we are basically throwing away our 4th rd picks in recent years.
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  9. Future

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    The thing about losing Matt Moore is that, at the time, it looked like he had a high cieling, that's what it was disappointing. Sure he turned out to be a career backup - albeit a good one who I wouldnt mind having today - but it looked like he had the ability to be a quality starter. Thats what was disappointing about Matt Moore, not the fact that we lost a backup.
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  10. bsheeern

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    Only way losing Moore could/should possibly hurt:

    1. He beats us at some point in his career. Even when a former Player scores a touchdown or makes a good play you know we all shake our heads as we look down and do that thing that "the old ball coach" Spurrier does that probably sounds like a horse.


    2. or Is playing at a higher level than what we have once Romo's gone And you know without a shadow of a doubt there was no way we were getting any form of compensation for him.
  11. CowboyStar88

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    I've got a deeper root for Matt Moore then most. He is from my home town so it's awesome to see. So was Kyle Boller Manny white(played at UCLA) chuck Osborne dear friend who passes away a couple of years ago who played for the Rams and Raiders and Dilugi kid at BYU. So whenever one of ours gets out of here we root like hell for them.
  12. Teague31

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    Totally agree. If they don't lose Moore they don't waste a 4th on Mcgee
  13. speedkilz88

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    Fans were the only ones that saw a high ceiling for Matt Moore.
  14. Future

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    Maybe. I dont think they would have tried to get him onto the practice squad at all if they thought he wouldnt ever be a player though.
  15. Erik_H

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    Here's the real reason I was disappointed with losing Matt Moore, but it's not like it's a huge deal. It's just more of a wishful thinking kind of thing. In the end, if he stayed with us, he'd have been nothing more than a decent back up. Right now, he is still one of the better backups in the league. This would have meant no Brad Johnson, no Kyle Orton, maybe no McGee.


    Had he stayed on the roster and not been given a chance to start for Carolina, there would have been less tape on him. The following year, there very likely would have been more buzz on him. At that point we could have pulled a trade for something as high as a 3rd round draft pick. Teams overreaching for potential when it comes to trading for promising QBs is pretty common. Look at Cassel, Kolb, Flynn and other. That's only in recent years.

    So in the end, by allowing him to get away, we lost the chance to pull one over on another team and get an extra pick. :)
  16. Wolfpack

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    I think if you get a chance to develop a home grown backup that is a great plus. You dont have to overpay the little extra for a quality back up or keep burning draft picks on developmental guys. Not the end of the world but if you find some talent (which the FO did) then you should really have a plan with what to do with it...otherwise why bother in the 1st place.
  17. bbailey423

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    Here is where Stephen Jones is wrong. I believe we signed Brad Johnson instead. And he was awful. Just dreadful. And I think we missed the playoffs by one game that year. Matt Moore would have been more of a difference maker than Brad Johnson
  18. dallasdave

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    Tanney is just where he should be, on the practice squad.

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