With the 14th pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, the cowboys...

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by dantheman41, Feb 25, 2012.

  1. dantheman41

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    I say select Cordy Glenn - Georgia - G/T
  2. SDogo

    SDogo Not as good as I once was but as good once as I ev

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    Stock is rising quick, hope we don't bite.

    Like him in the 1st but not at 14.

    Still say this is going to be one of those years like the year we passed on Steven Jackson when Cowboys fans will be jumping out of their shoes every time the Cowboys are on the clock.

    Just get the feeling it's going to be a strange one.
  3. TheRat

    TheRat The Silly Willy

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    I say you are insane
  4. jblaze2004

    jblaze2004 Well-Known Member

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    but but but we had the GREAT BILL PARCELS selecting out picks didn't we? this couldn't have happened
  5. gimmesix

    gimmesix Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life

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    OLB Courtney Upshaw, Alabama
  6. GloryDaysRBack

    GloryDaysRBack Well-Known Member

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    Nick Perry!
  7. Vanilla2

    Vanilla2 Well-Known Member

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    I am not opposed to this, only of spencer is not resigned.
  8. 28 Joker

    28 Joker 28 Joker

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    After some of the overrated defensive players get drafted, the Dallas Cowboys will select...

    David DeCastro OG Stanford
  9. GloryDaysRBack

    GloryDaysRBack Well-Known Member

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    I agree w this. I don't think perry is overrated and if available I'd like to take him
  10. Joe Realist

    Joe Realist No Kool-Aid here!

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    trade down.
  11. Wood

    Wood Well-Known Member

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    I think Dallas trades down and selects Stephon Gilmore CB from South Carolina 6'1" 193 lbs. Vocal team leader who might fit the alpha leadership role Darren Woodson mentioned this team sorely is missing. He isn't blazing fast..so Ryan will have to be smart about how he uses him...but could transform entire secondary with his aggressive mentality.
  12. BIGDen

    BIGDen Dr. Freakasaurus

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    I flipped out when we passed on Jackson and traded down. I've got this horrible feeling that you could be right. If DeCastro's there @ 14, we'll all be screaming for him and Dallas trades down or take someone else. DeCastro being there would be almost too perfect. The top prospect at his position to come along in years who would fill a huge need....too good to be true. It's probably a product of being disappointed so often by this team that we are trained to expect the worst. But who knows? We could have moved around last year and we stayed put to draft the best OT in the draft. Maybe we continue pick up guys like Smith, Lee, Murray and Dez (talent-wise). I could see Garrett and Callahan pushing for DeCastro so I'm cautiously optimistic that we do the right thing in that situation. Unfortunately, I'm not sure if DeCastro will even be there when we pick. I could easily picture AZ snatching him up just before us.

    As for Glenn, I wouldn't be upset if we took him at 14 but I'd rather trade down a little before drafting him so we could aquire another pick.
  13. visionary

    visionary Well-Known Member

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    trade down for #22 and extra rd 2 pick


    22: Dontari Poe (NT/DE)
    45: Kelechi Osemele/ Amini Silatolu (OG)
    extra 2: Jayron Hosley (CB)
  14. johnnyd

    johnnyd Active Member

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    i like this alot . .only if decastro is gone because i have my heart set right now. :p:
  15. John813

    John813 Well-Known Member

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    DeCastro or Bust for Offensive Linemen at 14.
  16. visionary

    visionary Well-Known Member

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    it is not wise to think with one's heart ;)
  17. overseas

    overseas Benched

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    Gawd I hate it
  18. tm1119

    tm1119 Well-Known Member

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    DeCastro, Jenkins, Glenn, Brockers. In that order
  19. fortdick

    fortdick Well-Known Member

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    I have read a lot of the posts and see it boil down to two schools of thought. (Three is you include the "we will never win with _________ on the team."

    One group says improve the Oline and another says improve the defense.

    Do we need to score more and control the ball?

    Do we need to stop the other team from scoring not let them control the ball?

    I have been a proponenet of the first because I believe that the addition of one player could make that happen. An dominant player at either center or guard can make that happen.

    Defensively, you need NT, DE/OLB, CB. safety. We ain't getting that done this off season
  20. visionary

    visionary Well-Known Member

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    why not?


    Nicks/Grubbs/Mathis (OG)
    Carr/Thomas/Grimes (CB)
    Mike Griffin (FS)


    1: Poe (NT/DE) (after trade down to 20-24)
    2a: Osemele/Solitalu (OG)
    2b: Jayron Hosley (CB) (from trade down)
    3: Vinny Curry (OLB)
    4: Phil Blake (OC)
    5: Akiem Hicks (DE)
    6: Chris Rainey (RB/PR/KR)
    6: Paige-Moss (DE)
    7: BPA

    so I ask again, why cant we address the issues that plague us?

    we just have to prioritize properly

    issues are

    1a: OL
    1b: front 7
    2: secondary

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