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With the 1st pick the GIants select Jadaveon Clowney

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by rpatricc, Oct 10, 2013.

  1. rpatricc

    rpatricc Active Member

    738 Messages
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    As fun as it is now to see Eli and the Midgets go down in flames, I am not liking the sound of that... especially with a healthy JPP next year.
  2. lane

    lane The Chairman

    10,536 Messages
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    clowney is a bit overrated

    not talent mind you...stamina
  3. Zordon

    Zordon Well-Known Member

    9,124 Messages
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    they'll get him with the 2nd pick.
  4. CaptainCreed

    CaptainCreed Active Member

    380 Messages
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    Im thinking they go oline closer to 5. Some good potential LTs.

    And yet there are still 10 games left for them, so who knows...
  5. hornitosmonster

    hornitosmonster Well-Known Member

    3,829 Messages
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    About as overrated as they come
  6. pjtoadie

    pjtoadie Cleveland's #1 Cowboys fan

    1,934 Messages
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    Still think Jax will get the #1 pick
  7. viman96

    viman96 Thread Killer

    6,780 Messages
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    If they do select him then I hope he brings the drama queen crap with him.
  8. nake

    nake Well-Known Member Zone Supporter

    4,144 Messages
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    I won't be a happy camper if the Giants tank the rest of the year and end up with Manziel (if he enters the draft).
  9. RastaRocket

    RastaRocket Sanka, Ya Dead Mon? Ya Mon.

    5,863 Messages
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    I still think they will pull out some W's.
  10. Muhast

    Muhast Newo

    7,451 Messages
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    I'm convinced he will be a bust. He isn't a team player. He is making that pretty apparent. Had a big year last year, showed up out of shape this year after talking all off-season. Including saying "im gonna make him fall a few rounds in the draft" in regards to UNC's OT that had to block him game 1. He then promptly did absolutely nothing but stand on the sideline getting oxygen 1/4 of the game. He pulled himself out of the game right before kickoff last week even though he was cleared to play. He is tanking it this year so he doesn't get hurt. Is that a leader?No. Is that a team player? No. Is that somebody that will sell out for the team? No. He is going to get a contract and live on it, until contract years. IMO.
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  11. DFWJC

    DFWJC Well-Known Member Zone Supporter

    22,612 Messages
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    I think they got the best OLB of all time the same way.
    Hope they win a few
  12. Red Dragon

    Red Dragon Well-Known Member

    3,633 Messages
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    In my opinion, Johnny Manziel would be like Ryan Leaf if he entered the NFL.
  13. Titleist

    Titleist Active Member

    482 Messages
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    I see Jax having the #1 pick and taking Bridgewater. No way they take Clowney; they're in dire need of a QB. As for the Gnats, no guarantee they get the #2 pick...that could go to Tampa Bay. Knowing the gnats they'll probably win a couple games and just miss out on Clowney
  14. nake

    nake Well-Known Member Zone Supporter

    4,144 Messages
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    These things are hard to predict, but if he turns out to be the next Steve Walsh, it would not be good for the Cowboys if he ends up playing for the Giants.
  15. Titleist

    Titleist Active Member

    482 Messages
    136 Likes Received
    I question his height more than anything. 6'0'', yes? The only successful QB in the league that's that short is Drew Brees and I don't see Manziel becoming a Drew Brees imo.
  16. Szczepanik

    Szczepanik Well-Known Member

    827 Messages
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    Clowney is hurting his draft stock if you haven't heard. He will fall down the board a bit like Dez.
  17. BAZ

    BAZ Drunken Mick

    2,449 Messages
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    Cowboys fans have battered wife syndrome. Enjoy the moment.
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  18. rocyaice

    rocyaice Well-Known Member

    6,106 Messages
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    JPP has been hurt for the past few years and IMO Clowney has bust written all over him. He's a great talent don't get me wrong but I'm just not a fan of the college player with diva antics before he even gets to the NFL.
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  19. Nirvana

    Nirvana Well-Known Member

    3,591 Messages
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    their biggest need is at qb
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  20. coult44

    coult44 Well-Known Member

    1,447 Messages
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    If I were Clowney I wouldn't play a down this season. For what???/ To see the same thing happen to him that happend to SC's RB last year....NO WAY....Don't play, be hurt every game, and get a big paycheck next April...

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