With the 1st pick the GIants select Jadaveon Clowney

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by rpatricc, Oct 10, 2013.

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    Think the Giants probably end up like 4th or 5th in the draft which would put them out of reach for Clowney but honestly until they address their secondary and linebacker play they wont be any good.. so if they want to continue to ignore their pressing needs and take a pass rusher I would be pretty happy. They need Corner, Safety, Inside Linebacker, Outside Linebacker, Offensive Tackle, Offensive Guard all before they need a D End
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    JC is getting bad advice from an agent. People will call the trainers there and others in the know (the orthopedic group in Cola). If he played hurt then people will know and make adjustments for his play. If he refuses to play it will hurt him a little but not a great deal. He's not a diva but he's listening to the wrong people. Some teams will lower him more than he thinks but some will reach for the golden ring. Spurrier is playing it perfectly but that doesn't surprise me in this situation. Fans are getting upset though.

    He'll be able to play 4-3 DE. Not sure about 3-4 OLB or his ability to play the run. My guess is he will be Ware lite with a little less in the run game. He won't be a bust IMO.
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    The guy has talent, but I think most people remember "the play" against Michigan...somewhat overrated in my mind

    and Manziel? I hope to God that the Giants take him! Eli can't last forever! Take that bum NY, TAKE HIM! He will not be a good NFL QB IMO
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    Jadeveon Clowney is a beast.
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    clowney wont go first and is overrated

    giants cant out-suck the jaguars...so they'll get #2 or #3 at this point (depending on how bad the steelers keep being)
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    Some of you guys are crazy. Clowney is a monster and to be honest I hope he falls way down the board to us! Secondly, Manziel is a freak with the ball in his hands. Any team will be happy to have either of them. You guys are bashing two of the best 5-10 players in all of NCAA football like they are some sort of punks. Get real.
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    sorry you dont like the truth about jamarcus russell....wait, i spelled that wrong...johnny manziel
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    The universe imploding due to Giant fan angst if they drafted Johnny Football in the top 5 would be the greatest televised event in American history. People would deny that they were at the 1980 Miracle On Ice just to claim that they witnessed that draft pick. There would be a new baby boom generation born 9 months later. It would be epic.
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    Johnny Manziel may not become a good NFL QB, but he is a much better college QB than JaMarcus Russell ever was.
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    I'd actually be THRILLED if they did this.

    Even if he's a good player for them it's not going to do enough to make them any significant amount better.

    Their O-line will still be garbage. Their running game is still a joke (did look better last night but Jacobs won't keep that up). Their secondary still won't be able to cover anyone.

    The Giants need a hell of a lot more than a pick that high.

    Now the thing you can worry about is if they wind up with the first or second and some team comes with a Redskins style offer to move up to that spot and gives them extra picks. That would suck.

    But the Giants are in a whole heap of trouble that is going to go beyond this one year. Their defense has gotten old and injury prone on the d-line. Without the out of this world play from the D-line the rest of their very average defense has been exposed.
  12. John_S

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    I could see the Giants taking a QB. Manning is in his 30's.
    They might have the 2nd pick because Jacksonville is worse.
  13. visionary

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    I hope they don't get the first pick
    If they do and they pass in bridgewater, I will laugh my head off

    She-li is no more than an above average QB
  14. 65fastback2plus2

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    I want bridgewater to replace tony...i like tony as our QB a lot, but if we could trade him this instant to get bridgewater, Id do it.
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    The Falcons could be in the mix as well and they probably should/will trade their entire draft to get him if they're in the range.
  16. Denim Chicken

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    Isn't Russell Wilson like 5'10?
  17. joseephuss

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    The Giants took their QB of the future in this past draft when they selected Ryan Nassib in the 4th. Just like the Eagles did with Matt Barkley. At least I'm hoping that is where both teams are leaning because I don't think either guy is very good.
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    joseephuss - There is A LOT of talk in Philly that the starting QB for next year is not on the team yet. If that's true, then picking Barkley was pretty much of a waste unless he is traded.
  19. Blackspider214

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    Clowney scares you? Lol. He will fizzle out in this league quickly. Overrated prima donna. I hope they do draft him and forget about their poor OL.

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