Witten has more catches than megatron

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by JPostSam, Dec 3, 2012.

  1. aikemirv

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    I am still trying to figure out why Witten can't be mentioned with Calvin.....
  2. Joe Rod

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    Just overlooking pretty much the rest of the thread comments, Jason Witten is one of those players I will always remember gave everything he had to this team. He will always be one of my favorites to ever wear the star.
  3. fanfromvirginia

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    This notion that Witten's success is an indicator of failure is pretty silly, IMO. Yes, Witten's per catch numbers are down overall and teams will likely give us those 5-7 yard routes much of the day but those many catches have not only kept us in almost every game we've played, but they have fueled multiple, impressive comebacks. His reception numbers are truly incredible for a TE. And now with Murray's return and Dez's great leap forward we may see more results like he had against the Eagles -- several receptions + high YPC as the multiple options stretch the field.
  4. JPostSam

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    sheesh, i wasn't trying to say that witten was a better receiver than calvin johnson. but megatron is having a monster year so, the fact that witten has more catches than the lions superstar stands out. i mean, who would have guessed that? right. no one.

    regarding witten's low yardage and touchdowns: i wish they were higher, too, but i don't blame witten. if you think they're signs that he's lost it or that he's not much of a threat, you haven't been watching this team very carefully. witten keeps this offense going when not much else is working. he makes up for a poor running game, and for receivers who are not making the impact they should because they are either hurt or having brain farts. his routes -- and his red zone opportunities -- are impacted by the poor blocking of the offensive line, which he is often called on to assist.

    since we're already getting huffy over player comparisons, let me compare witten to troy aikman. troy's numbers suffered because of the offense he ran, which relied on a (historic) ground game. he didn't complain, though, because his overriding desire was to win. witten, too, has given up long pass and red zone scoring opportunities because this offense has needed him to block or run shorter routes. but he has never complained, because all he wants to do is win, and he will do whatever he is asked to do to make that happen.

    so... back to witten's receptions total on the year. i think his numbers are amazing because 1) they have been vital to the team's offensive efforts and 2) everyone in the building knows he's going to be targeted a ton of times, but he manages to get open and catch nearly everything anyway.
  5. theebs

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    Good luck.

    The reality is witten has been a better player for longer.

    Witten has been outstanding with average quarterbacks in testaverde and Bledsoe and with a great one in romo.

    Cant say the same for Johnson.

    Witten is the better player. The people that make posts like run 5 yards and break are just not worth interacting with. All those plays are in rhythm, those are plays possible from intelligence and experience. Those are option routes where the qb and te must read the same thing.

    making light of that shows how foolish people who do are.

    Calvin Johnson has had a couple of flashy seasons and shows how incredible he can be.

    Jason witten has had a hall of fame career and has been the number 1 receiver here since 2004. He has nothing to hide from in any of his years. He has played with every injury known to man and he has never passed the buck on anything in all his time here.

    He is one of the all time greats.

    Its too bad just like with romo so many do not understand this. The crowd barely acknowledged romo's record breaking TD sunday.

    then I lost a bunch of respect for Bill Bates, He was on the sideline for the whole game sunday night and was talking to Kristie scales when romo threw the record breaking TD and when Kristie pointed out to him what just happened he pointed at his ring and said but how many of these does he have.

    Bates used to be one of my favorites for years, that comment knocked that out of me.
  6. Joshmil53

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    Megatron actually performed before Stafford.
  7. theebs

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    yeah he has had I guess three great seasons and one without Stafford for the most part. He catches a lot of td.

    No reason you cant compare the two.

    Witten has been doing it for longer and his play never dips its always at a high level.
  8. zrinkill

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    Witten is a stone cold killer ..... I was amazed at how effortlessly he caught that on-sides kick.
  9. bsheeern

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    Death, taxes and Witten. 3 things that are guaranteed in life.
  10. Woods

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    I'm hoping like heck he breaks the single season reception record for TEs.

    He's a great player.

    As fans we've had a tough spell for much of the last 15 years, but guys like Witten make you appreciate great Cowboys.
  11. Hostile

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    It is an Internet generational thing. I remember when you could compare and contrast players, and people just talked about it. Now, if you try to do it someone is going to be upset every time. heck, they get upset if you aren't making a comparison but mention a good player's name.

    I think we should just never compare our players to anyone who is good and we should just agree that they all suck.

    Might be the only way to keep the peace.
  12. gmb85

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    It's funny how we were all worried about Witten earlier this year. It's incredible what he's doing. He's half man, half amazing.:cool:
  13. Idgit

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    Who's 'we'? You got a mouse in your pocket?
  14. links18

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    IF Romo has more performances like Sunday's he might get close to RGIII level someday. :D
  15. aikemirv

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    People never appreciate the nuances anymore - just the highlights.

    Is Calvin a more athletic player than Witten - sure he is!

    Is he a better football player than Witten- I don't think so.

    It could be close, Calvin is very good at his craft I think. I have not watched him enough to see if he is an expert at all the little things he needs to do to excel at his position or does he get by with his superior size and athletic ability?
  16. Hostile

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    Great post.
  17. BraveHeartFan

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    I'm guessing you don't realise that they do that with every player who breaks an NFL record.

    They did it with Rice, they did it with Walter, they did it with Emmitt, they did it for Strahan when he set the sack record for a season.

    That isn't a Cowboys exclusive thing but it's not surprising that some random fan some how thinks it is.
  18. lwehlers

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    it is amazing the season that witten is having. i remember the start to the season when ithought he wasdone. i am glad he is not because witten is my favorite player on this team. he has a good chance to break the record for most catches by a tightend in a season. the patriots tight end was on pace also when he broke his arm.
  19. lwehlers

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    that will never happen. RGIII is already being annointed for the hall of fame.
  20. jimnabby

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    I love Witten as much as the next guy, but ... huh?

    Yes, Witten is catching a ton of balls this year, but that's because he's having a ton of balls thrown to him. His yards per catch is the worst he's ever had and he's only scored 1 TD. Several of his other seasons have been better (see 2007 in particular), as have many of Tony Gonzalez's seasons (not to mention Gates and Gronkowski), even if he ends up catching a few more balls this year.

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