News: Witten reflects on Spleen Injury from Last Year

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    -- Carlos Mendez

    “That was just a situation that happened when you play,” Witten said. “I don’t think you worry about that. It’s just an unfortunate situation. But we’ve run that play a lot of times and never had that come up. I can’t really think about it. It was a long three weeks, I know that. But I’m a better person, a better player because of it for sure.”

    To recover, Witten was required to have no activity for two weeks. Then, he had about two more weeks to practice on a very limited basis to get ready for Week 1 at the New York Giants. He played in the game, and although he had only two catches for 10 yards, his determination to play proved a rallying point for the Cowboys in a surprise victory.

    “Forget 110 catches, forget eight-time Pro Bowl, forget all that stuff,” coach Jason Garrett said. “When you tell the Witten story, I start with that one because I think he showed what he’s all about and what he’s been doing for a long time in this league. I think it’s a great example for the rest of our football team and, really, for the rest of humanity in the whole NFL. That’s how you do it.”

    Garrett said he and the organization had a serious concern that Witten’s career might be at risk. Witten had the same thought. His wife, an emergency room nurse, understood the danger if he tried to play in the first game before he was completely healed.

    Garrett still shakes his head about Witten’s utter determination.

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    Can you imagine if Witten hadnt struggled early in the season. Probably wouldnt have gotten to Harrison's 143, but he might have hit 130 or so.
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    WIn-loss wise, I think things would have stayed the same. Some key drops by Witten without question affected the game early on in Seattle, but I still think we'd have lost the game thanks to the early setbacks.
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    I think this is a very good "feel good" story because it shows that a man can play a football game holding his lacerated spleen in one hand and catch a football in the other. That takes some serious hand to eye coordination, besides catching a football with bloody hands. My guess is this year he will up the ante by dragging his entrails down the field while people are trying to bring him down by pulling, tugging and stomping on them. This should make a great Disney movie. I think they should get Lindsey Lohan to play his wife in the movie to add to the wholesomeness of the movie.
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    When I think back to how many loyal Cowboy fans turned on this guy because of the drops during that three game stretch, it just burns me up. This attitude is what playing on a football team is all about, and this guy is an all-time Cowboy great.

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