Witten vs. Shockey??

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Cowchips, Oct 23, 2005.

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    Pink wanst my choice of color.I like the blue ones too:D
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    Good to see the color change hasn't affected the quality of the typing either.

    You do want to retain your identity at all costs, DK. :)
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    Beat me to it.
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    of course cuase fi nto then noboyd woudl understand woudl thye?

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    When discussing Witten vs Shockey you also have to weigh in that we would have had to lose another player to get Shockey as well. Witten was the steal of that draft. How he slide all the way into the 3rd round, I don't know.

    After that is said if we could trade Witten straight up for Shockey, I wouldn't do that. I might be able to deal with someone with Randy Moss type talent with his attitude, but don't want to think about it for a TE.

    The other major difference is Witten is a tough SOB. Shockey seems made of glass at times. Toughness is a big deal when your playing a 16 game season.

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