Wonder if Ogletree will assume his 3rd wr back?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by jblaze2004, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. Idgit

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    He runs the wrong routes. And he drops passes to kill drives.

    I'm not a fan of Ogletree's, at all. Harris has been more effective in fewer snaps; at this point, he deserves the start. We'll see what happens.
  2. cowboyschmps3

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    If he does it's stupid, Harris should be 3rd Beasley 4th 5th Armstrong
  3. RoyTheHammer

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    Playcalling is one thing.. agree with that, that it will be questioned as long as we keep losing whether some of it is justified or not.

    Like you said in the last paragraph there though.. we haven't made a strong enough statement to the team on the accountability front. Guys seem to comfortable. Play is consistently inconsistent week in and week out.
  4. Risen Star

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    If Broaddus is correct, Beasley won't be a factor in this game and Harris will see a lot less playing time to make way for Ogletree.
  5. ufcrules1

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    Excellent post. There is ZERO accountability here. Ogletree doesn't even deserve another snap in a Cowboys uniform. Get Sensabaugh, Scandrick, Felix, Free, Livings, Spears, Hatcher, etc out of here as well.
  6. ufcrules1

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    That is REALLY going to piss me off. You have guys that are hungry and way more capable than Ogletree. That guy is nothing more than a joke in a uniform.
  7. Gaede

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    If he does, I'm not going to be happy.

    Harris and Beasely deserve a shot. Otree is nothing but unreliable.
  8. RoyTheHammer

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    Hatcher is our best DL'man.

    Livings has been our best OL'man.
  9. Supercowboy1986

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    yeah i was about to say what is with the livings hate? he actually has been pretty solid for us so far, bern on the other hand...
  10. rocboy22

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    I didn't get that, either. Hatcher is also extremely cheap. Would be VERY stupid to cut him.
  11. Eskimo

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    Witten came back into the offense - biggest difference.

    Then shortly after that he missed a hot slant in Chicago leading to an INT. Since then Romo has been shy about going to him on short routes over the middle which is where he was so effective against the Giants.

    Lately it seems most of the passes to him are at the sidelines or deep which are lower percentage throws.

    I do agree that Beasley and Harris seemed to play better than he has lately. The proviso is that the Skins have a bad pass defense and were playing soft with a 25 point lead.
  12. CowboyStar88

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    I believe Harris Should start with Dez. They are both heady strong players. I really don't care who plays the 3rd role because they really aren't the "3rd" option like everyone on this BOARD thinks. Like I said before 40 catch season would be a success for o-tree and he has 25 now. So it's fesible that it happens. Nothing worng with that when you are 2nd on the team in TD receptions.
  13. DFWJC

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    I'm assuming you jest.
  14. dexternjack

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    Of course I am :)
  15. demdcowboys#1

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    Please start Beastly at #3. O-Tree is useless out there
  16. McLovin

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    If you are talking last year, Felix was demoted after he was injured and Murray played lights out. Replacing Murray would have draw incredible fan wrath. I dont think that counts.

    Its ironic because I remember 2008 vs Was (1st time) Felix got no touches we lost the game and Barber was completely ineffective.

    What about Parnell for Free? Free isnt making mental mistakes as much as he just sux.

    I appreciate coaches that can hold players accountable publically. When you are making $MM/yr I would think the only motivation for some is ridicule and pride. They either get made and buckle down or dont. If they dont they probably know they will get released and cost themselves money on the next contract - if there is one.

    I meet you half way and agree there has been "asccountability " in the offseason, but come gametime I think there is almost completely zero.

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