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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Woods, Feb 21, 2011.

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    I'm going to make several assumptions regarding FA and several of our own FAs.

    1. FA begins after the Draft.

    2. We re-sign the following players: Kosier on the OL, Bowen on the DL, and Sensy at SS.

    3. In FA we snag a quality FS and a RT (take your pick).

    4. MBIII, Barron are gone. Colombo is kept around until FA starts and we sign our future RT (and then he is let go).

    Round 1 TRADE
    Cowboys trade their 9th for Minn 12th overall pick in Round 1. Cowboys also pick up the Viking's 3rd rounder. (Minn beats the Redskins for a QB.)

    C Jordan, DE, California 6-4, 287 lbs.
    Jordan works in the rotation, but he spells Igor during obvious passing downs right from the beginning. Jordan, Ratliff, and Bowen are used often as the pass rushing DL.

    Round 2
    S Wisniewski, C/G, Penn State 6-3, 306 lbs.
    S Wisniewski offers the Cowboys something they also valued in Unger (who Seattle beat us to) - versatility to play both Center and OG. During game day, this will come in handy on the active roster. Also, when initially making the 53 man roster, it will save the Cowboys a roster space. Eventually, he replaces Gurode.

    Round 3a
    Ras-I-Dowling, CB, Virginia 6-2, 200 lbs.
    May have gone higher if not for the injuries. But he has good size to match up against bigger CBs, and he can work into the nickel rotation.

    Round 3b
    K Ellis, Hampton, DT 6-5, 336 lbs.
    (And if he's already gone, I would look at J Powe, DT from Miss.)
    Again, Ellis works in the DL rotation and gives R Ryan added versatility in the different looks he can show.

    Round 4
    James Carpenter, OT, Alabama 6-5, 313 lbs.
    Another OL for Houck to groom.

    Round 5
    Nate Irving, ILB, NC State 6-1, 242 lbs.
    Made around 19.5 tackles behind the LOS last season.

    Round 6
    John Clay, Wisconsin 6-1, 248 lbs.
    Short yardage back, power back to complement F Jones and Choice.

    Round 7
    Courtney Smith, WR, South Alabama 6-4, 220 lbs, around 4.58 40
    King sized wideout to challenge Ogletree, Holley, Hurd.

    Finally, while I only selected 1 DB in the Draft, I would see AOA backing up our FA FS pick-up, and one of our multiple young Safeties vying to back-up Sensy.

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    FA starting after the draft. With no S picked up in the draft? Major fail
  3. Goldenrichards83

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    You must have address safety in free agency. I would like a mixture of a vet along with some youth back there. Love the draft.
  4. Woods

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    I assumed in my 3rd assumption that we get a quality FS in FA.
  5. Joe Rod

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    Hey Woods, The Vikings don't have a third this year (traded to Pats for Moss). Most likely tarde scenario would be the Vikes give Dallas their #1 and #2 for Dallas's #1, #3 and #4 or The Vikes #1 and a 2012 #2 for the Dallas #1.
  6. Woods

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    Thanks for that. That throws a wrench in it! Luckily it's Version 1.0 :D
  7. casmith07

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    Don't like it, no offense of course. Just don't like the picks after round 2. Love the round 2 pick though.

    I would think Cameron Jordan would make Olshansky expendable. I can't stand him.
  8. visionary

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    pretty good overall but i would not pick as 3-4 DE in the top 15 picks.

    would take an OT like sherrod/smith before i would take 3-4 DE.
    like your picks in rounds 2,3, and 6
    i would rather take d. williams in bottom of 3 or 4 as future of FS

    just MO.

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