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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Woods, Jan 29, 2008.

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    We re-sign Hamlin for a 5 yr deal
    We re-sign Flo for a 3 yr deal

    J Jones, Glenn, Davis, and Reeves all gone.

    In FA
    We sign a potential number 2 WR (Hackett, Gage, A Davis for example)
    We sign a vet RB (Fargis, Ward, T Bell, Moore, R Cartwright, for example)
    We sign a vet number 3 CB (Springs, Florence)

    Round 1
    A. M Kelly, WR Oklahoma State
    We will groom a potential number 1 wideout when TO retires in the next 2-3 years. If not this year, when? Our WR group would look like TO - FA acquisiton - Crayton - Kelly - Stanback - Hurd. That group looks pretty solid.

    B. D. Rodgers-Cromartie, CB/S Tenn State
    Cromartie also lined up at FS at the Senior Bowl practices. He was possibly the best cover corner at the Senior Bowl. He gives us versatility in the Secondary, and an exceptional athlete to groom for Henry's position down the line. Plus, he could also return kicks, an added bonus.

    Round 2
    J Charles, RB Texas
    He would be a nice complement to MBIII. Excellent talent.

    Round 3
    H Benedict, OT Newberry
    He also projects to Guard and provides flexibility on the OL. He could potentially play all the positions on the OL, except maybe Center. He's got very good size, quickness, and athletic ability, and Houck should be able to mould him into a good one. His knock is that he comes from a small school.

    Round 4
    Red Bryant, DT Texas A&M
    We continue to build our lines. The NFC East is a smash mouth division. Comparions have been made between Bryant and Williams of SD. Bryant isn't there yet, but he's got the size and ability to get there with solid coaching. Wade is the guy to do it. Plus, Fergy isn't getting any younger. We need to groom a replacement, and it usually takes DT a year or two to prepare.

    Round 5
    P Hillis, FB Arkansas
    Hillis and D Anderson will make a very good FB duo. Hillis adds yet another dimension to our offense. Let's see, we've got TEs who can catch, an improving WR corps upgraded via FA and the Draft, and a Pro Bowl QB and RB. Are you going to cover Hillis with your LB? Lot's of potential mismatches.

    Round 6
    J Johnson, QB San Diego
    We will groom Johnson to be our number 2 in another 2 years.

    Round 7
    J Dingle, DE WVU
    Maybe a bit of an enigma, but in 2007 he had 19 TFL and 9.0 sacks. He's got nice size as well for a 3-4 OLB. Well, it is the 7th round . . . .
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    You are going to take Malcolm Kelly with the first overall pick in the first round?
  3. Woods

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    No, with our 22nd pick in Round 1.

    And Cromartie with our 28th pick in Round 1.
  4. BrAinPaiNt

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    I could live with most of your picks.

    Not really too keen on taking that WR in the first or that RB in the second.

    But I do like some of your other picks.
  5. Woods

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    I was considering Doucet as well (at 28 though), but it was a tough decision.

    Why don't you like Charles? Who would you prefer at that spot in the 2nd?
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    I like it. Its possible though Kelly and Cromartie won't be there at 22.
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    not a bad draft, don't like the thought of taking a project in the 3rd round, but it's not bad

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