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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Woods, Mar 27, 2008.

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    1. No trades in this version.
    2. We sign PacMan to a Conditional 2009 draft pick.

    Round 1

    Pick A.
    K. Phillips, S, Miami - Phillips would be considered fair value here. He could immediately help us in several of Wade's "defensive packages", and Phillips also provides insurance in case Hamlin leaves after this season or if R Williams ends up getting cut after this season (Hamlin replaces RW, and Phillips plays FS). In any case, Phillips makes a lot of sense.

    Pick B.
    Stewart, RB, Oregon - If Stewart didn't have to wait until training camp to get on the field, he would likely be gone around the middle of the 1st round (plus or minus a few spots). Stewart represents very good value here, and his injury is not career threatening. Additionally, he is capable of carrying the load in case MBIII gets injured. Plus, he can catch out of the backfield and help on kick returns, if necessary.

    Round 2
    Earl Bennett, WR, Vanderbilt - A very productive college player who should be able to contribute very quickly. He runs great routes, is tough, runs a sub 4.50 40, and he could immediately help us in the slot. Because he is a very good route runner, he could help us faster than a developmental prospect. (And we've already got several of them on our roster.)

    Round 3
    Red Bryant, DT/NT, Texas A&M - A big guy who should be able to help man the middle fairly quickly. I think Spears is gone next year, and I'd love to move Ratliff to DE in any case. Bryant at NT, Canty and Ratliff start at DE. Our DL is set for years. Again, I'm projecting forward to 2009 and what our roster will look like and who will likely depart.

    Round 4
    C Jackson, CB, LSU - Physical CB who will have a year to develop behind TNew, Henry, and PacMan. Hopefully with Ball and Jackson we have enough young talent to develop.

    Round 5
    P. Hillis, FB, Ark - Red Ball is going to use the FB position as a weapon this year. Hillis can catch and run. He will rotate with Cricket. But frankly said, opposing defenses have to cover this guy because he can catch and run. Plus he's could also play the H-Back role for us and be used as a short yardage pick up back (and obviously STs).

    Round 6
    J Johnson, QB, San Diego - B Johnson is going to be 40 this year. J Johnson will be our number 2 in 2009. We need to start developing a good prospect, otherwise we will have to dive into FA next year.

    Round 7
    J Lehman, ILB, Illinois - Lehman is going to fall because of an injury suffered in his final college game (vs. USC). He is an instinctive, tough football player who is also a leader. The knock on him is his timed 40 speed (around 4.8 area). But I think he has the leasership, instincts, toughness, and strength to play ILB, and I don't really think his 40 time is as relevant for that position. Also, I think there's a good chance that Adoyele is traded, and let's remember that Burnett is in his final year. Carp is an enigma. We are bringing in 2 ILBs in April, so I think this is a position the coaching staff is concerned about going into 2009. Again, I'm projecting forward to what are our needs next season. Should also be able to contribute on STs.
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    We have to walk out of the 1st day with a good CB prospect. this is a deep draft for CB. You load them up when you get a chance. The price for a FA CB is ridiculous. Just look at how much Reeves got from Houston. Furthermore, you don't know if our CBs can stay healthy. The more I think about it......pick up 2 CB in the first 4 rounds even with Pacman is very reasonable.
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    I think Jackson is a good CB prospect, by the way.

    I've got two Secondary players being drafted in the first 4 rounds.
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    Everyone is going berzerk with Phillips after the "board photos", I don't see it.
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    That wasn't my reasoning.

    I think Phillips had a bit of a down year for him, but in spite of that it was a very good year relative to other players.

    He's big, will tackle, can play the ball, has good speed, and it's going to be a need position for us mostly likely next year. Plus, he can play for us in a lot of Wade's defensive packages this year - like when he take R Williams out on passing downs.
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    Straight across, this is one of the best Mocks I have seen from anyone. I love this Mock. Every round addresses a need and is solid.
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    Josh Johnson is a 3rd-4th round prospect!
    I like the Phillips Stewart picks if we get Pacman.
    I don't think Bennett lasts till our late 2nd or Bryatn tilll our late 3rd and like I said Josh Johnson I think will be a late 3rd rounder.
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    Nice, solid draft. Wouldn't be unhappy with this at all.
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    hate the Phillips pick, but I won't let that allow me to knock the rest of the draft, which is really solid

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