Word of Muth: Making Linebackers Slow (Eagles)

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by jimnabby, Sep 27, 2013.

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    Ben Muth of Football Outsiders is focusing on the Cowboys', Eagles' and Bengals' O-lines this year. Here's his article on the Eagles' performance against the Chiefs:

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    I bet travis Frederick doesn't give a single second of his day worried about ben muth's analysis.
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    What is the point of this thread?
  4. Temo

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    To discuss and analyze football, particularly O-Line play?
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    Poe versus Frederick is a mismatch at "this" point in their careers. It does not mean that Frederick won't improve. I think by mid to late season he should be more comfortable against the big boys. Growing pains...it is easy to bash a rookie but Dontari did what he was supposed to do. He is a year ahead of Frederick in a system that suits him...very athletic for his weight [340 - 350lbs]. I think he can be long-lived at his position and likely better than he is even now. He is after all only 23 years old. Reports are that he didn't thrill in the pre-season of his rookie year [2012] but due to injury was forced into the line-up. He hasn't looked back!
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    We play the Eagles twice this year, which should come as no surprise. It's a good look at what they're doing on the OL in their new system.
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    It was interesting to read about Peters' struggles in the game. It actually sounded like a decent description of what was happening with Doug Free last year. I remember the complaints from the OL coach were that Free wasn't being aggressive enough and was setting things up to allow DL to bullrush him effectively. We've hardly seen anyone bullrush him effectively this year so far.
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    Gotta say I thought it was very interesting.

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