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    I am typing this for you zoners, so some words might be mispelled, so if you see any typos or errors, sorry.

    Anthony McCoy TE USC
    To me, McCoy represents a real sleeper. (Note cowboys are going to interview him), Lookwhat he did last year at USC. He has shown he knows how to take a hit. Whoever gets him will get a steal-especially if he falls past the second or third round.

    Valdimir Ducasse OT Massachusetts
    You dont notice it at first, but he has the figure to be an NFL offensive linemen. We werent really going to look at him,but after watching, I think he could become a household name.

    Sean Canfield Qb Oregon St.
    His throws were really off (during the Senior Bowl) there are better qbs out there.

    Terrence Cody DT Alabama
    Hes called Mount Cody,but I dont know how he'll survive in the NFL at 370 pounds. He can play though.

    Tim Tebow QB Florida
    He mishandled numerous snaps under center, just doesnt look real good. He cna throw it,theres no doubt. THe deep ball is nice, but its the short and out routes that have me worried. He could be an All Pro if it was seven on seven football.

    Javier Arenas CB Alabama
    Heres what people need to to know about him. He's a tough son of a blank, they said it, so you know what they mean. He can really hit and he gives you something extra with his return ability.

    Dexter McCluster rb ole miss.
    I'll tell you what - he can fly. He's alittle guy., but he just needs the ball and he can score, whether its at running back or wr.

    Matt Dodge P East Carolina
    He can really turn the ball over. His punts keep getting better and better. He seems to have a strong leg. There's a lot of oohs nad aahs after the ball leaves his leg.

    Tony Pike QB Cincinnati
    He's got a good arm but doesnt seem to have the zip you would want in (an NFL quarterback). He just doesnt appeal to me like he does to (other scouts)

    Dez Bryant WR Oklahoma St.
    This guy comes with a lo of baggage, but I dont care, He can play. He just needs to go to the right team and the right coach.

    Jarrett Brown QB West Virginia
    He's really impressed me. I think he 's got the quickest release out of all the qbs, which should help his draft stock some.

    Sergio Kindle
    OLB Texas
    He just looks like he'll be a good player in the NFL. He can really play and he comes from a good school. compiled byMat t McKenzie

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