World's Worst Tattoo is Fixed

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    The man with the "world's worst portrait tattoo" finally got his happy ending on Thursday when he had the opportunity to fix the botched ink job of his late wife that had plagued him for so many years.

    In 2007, on the one-year anniversary of his wife Mindy's death, Chad Stahl, 38, owner of Cutright Lawn and Landscaping, LLC, visited On the Edge Tattoo Studio in Bowling Green, Ohio to honor her with a portrait tattoo. The couple had been dating for 10 years, had 3 children, and were married for less than 3 months when Mindy died in a household fire.

    Tattoo artist Dennis Faust inked the $450 portrait tattoo. "I had seen Faust's portrait work on his website and he even tattooed some of my in-laws with designs in honor of Mindy so I was confident going in," Stahl told Yahoo! Shine in his first media interview. "But when the swelling subsided, it didn't look like Mindy at all—her teeth looked evil." To add insult to injury, a friend had emailed him a link to a blog post titled "Worst Tattoo Ever" with a photo of Stahl's tattoo posted by a disgruntled On the Edge ex-employee.

    Recently, a friend of Stahl's recommended that he visit Scott Versago at Empire Ink in Akron, Ohio, who had heard of the infamous tattoo and on Thursday Versago fixed it—for free.

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  2. BringBackThatOleTimeBoys

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    If could start life all over again, it would be a living in tattoo removal.

    Some reading this have tattoos - different strokes for different folks.

    My problem with this is you can't just remove them in a couple of years.

    That and aging skin can't help.
  3. AmarilloCowboyFan

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    That's a pretty good cover up considering the abomination that was there before.
  4. CowboyMcCoy

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    If anyone wants to honor me when I die, please don't do it with a tattoo.
  5. SkinsandTerps

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    It took him 3 hours to fix it. And it looks great.

    I don't have any tats either, I wanted one many years back and decided against it when they could not do it exactly how I wanted it. Meant to me the artist was not good enough. But there is amazing work out there. Most tats from good artists ... don't look like prison tats.

    Researching the artists work is key. Not to mention making sure you are going to a CLEAN, reputable place.
  6. WPBCowboysFan

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    Or, . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . just hang the artwork on the wall.
  7. ethiostar

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    I wonder if this thread is going to get a visit from you know who since its about a tattoo... lol
  8. arglebargle

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    Brilliant spackle job. That second tatooist worked wonders.

    If he was as good with a running iron as he is with a tatoo gun, he'd own all the cattle in Texas.....
  9. SkinsandTerps

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    I don't like a cluttered house.

    My wife has her office with pictures of family and such, I have mine with sports stuff.

    The rest of the house is actually artwork. The only pictures we have in our house from our wedding are in the living room...which we don't use.
  10. WoodysGirl

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    I thought I was an oddball for putting all my family pics in my office and leaving the rest of the house to artwork and such.

    Glad I'm not alone.
  11. SkinsandTerps

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    That does not make either of you ladies, or I less crazy.

    I just like a clean, crisp look when you walk in my house.
    I grew up military...
  12. WoodysGirl

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    I didn't grow up military, but I prefer to keep the more personal pics out of the public parts of the house.

    Have too many people (repairmen and whatnot) roaming in and I just don't want them all in my biz.
  13. big dog cowboy

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    No takers?
  14. BraveHeartFan

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    Personally I don't care much for the re-do either. I think they both look bad.
  15. Shadowy329

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    it's a cover up so it's not going to be as good as if it were on a fresh patch of skin. everything has to be done with a heavier hand extra shading, bolder lines etc to make sure the underlying tattoo you are getting covered is hidden.

    it still looks pretty fresh it will gain clarity with some time as the skin heals assuming he takes care of it properly otherwise it could be damaged. I've seen them scab over pretty badly and the scab be removed in any number of ways and there be a scar left in the middle of a fresh tat.

    To the comment about aging skin it is true with poor placement and a tattoo artist that isn't very knowledgeable they can end up looking badly when you get older and the skin has aged. The opposite is also true with good placement and workmanship by the artist a good tattoo will look good regardless of age. I've seen both ends of the spectrum some that you could hardly make out what they once were and others that looked like they got them 6 months ago.
  16. Mountaineerfan

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    my sister has one of the worst tattoo's ever but she loves it and thinks it looks great? It is a big sock monkey and three little sock monkeys with her kids names. Which I agree the thought of is special and could have looked really cool if the she didn't let the local "underground Tattoist" do it as practice, looks really bad.
  17. Signals

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    Worlds worst tattoo guy gets replaced with a serious contender.

  18. arglebargle

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    Not so much a bad tattoo as an identifier for a self proclaimed ijit.

    You really should have a dang good reason to ever get a tattoo on your face or hands. Or be reliably self employed.
  19. 5Stars

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    I have two tattoos....

    I have an M on one butt cheek and another M on the other butt cheek.

    When I bend over, it say WOW.

    If I do double back flips it says WOW, MOM, WOW MOM....

  20. TheCount

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    I may relatively on my own on this, but I'm thrilled for the guy. I can only imagine getting what I imagine was a very emotionally driven tattoo to memorialize someone you loved and instead it turns into this national joke.

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