Worst game in Cowboy history?

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by The30YardSlant, Dec 2, 2004.

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    Thanksgiving against Miami - Leon Lett.

    That was terrible because we had the game won, it was over, and then suddenly it wasn't and the game was ripped out from under us. Ruined my TDay, I couldn't even stay at my inlaws' for desert, I just had to leave.
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    Pearson didnt fumble, he was caught and tackled...White fumbled on a sack on the next play I think...the thing is had the pass to Pearson been to Hill instead, it migth have went for 6 and would have certainly gotten us in chip shot fg range to win the game...

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    we played well in most of the memorable games we lost, but one of the worst played games i recall was the 98 Cards game. it was the end, the end of any hopes of resurgence, and there was no hope. i can't recall having that kind of sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. it wasn't that we played well and still lost, we simply were done playing well...
  4. Boy's fan in Giant land

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    All of these were indeed bad. Too many unhappy memories being dredged up here. No way this one was the worst game, but it damned sure ranks right up there as the worst way to lose one. Leon Lett diving on what would've been a dead ball & a Cowboy win on the game ending, partially blocked FG against Miami? (not positive - brain pan leaks like a sieve) in the snow in Dallas on Turkey day. Of course, it squirted out, the Fins recovered and promptly re-kicked the game winner. Don't even remember what year it was but I DEFINATELY remember how bad it sucked. I'll bet every Cowboy fan in creation wanted to kill poor Leon after that one.
  5. Boy's fan in Giant land

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    Oops, sorry JD. I guess we were both typing at the same time!
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    The worst game Ive ever watched was the 95 NFC title game against San Fran, that game was lost before the gun sounded.
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    I was pretty embarrassed by the Dallas-San Fran game in late 95 (Not the playoff game), when Rice made a touchdown on the third play I knew it was going to be an ugly game.

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    You're exactly right.. what I remember about Pearson.. is on his long catch across the middle of the field the Niner defender barely held on to his jersey.. to keep him going for more.. possibly to the house..-- it was Danny White who fumbled yep
  9. cowboyeric8

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    Two games that stand out in my mind even though they were in Campo seasons (but mainly cause I really don't remember the good times because I'm only sixteen and bleed blue and silver) The Niner game when Dantzler had the spectacular return and Campo doesn't go for 4th and one.

    The other Niner game is the TO star game pure embarassment. I have the Emmitt throwing down the ball in the star picture enlarged on my wall (priceless)

    Another is the Eagle 4th and one in 95 even though we kicked there butt later.

    And finally the Testaverde/Richie fumble this year against the Steelers that sucked.

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    This thread is utterly depressing to read. Thanks for the memories! :(
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    The only good thing that can come out of having so many memorable "worst games in franchise history" ---People love to label Cowboys fans as bandwagon fans. This is how I retort.

    The Cowboys have had more "worst moments" replayed over and over and over again on TV and print than any other franchise in the league. These moments are spread throughout the Cowboys history; they didn't just occur all in one year. Every generation of Cowboys fan has had to be subjected to highly publicized and shameful moments.

    We Cowboys fans are loud when we win, but we've earned that right because we also wear the battle scars.

    It's definitely not easy for Cowboys fans...the Cowboys go 5-11 and the nation rejoices. When the Broncos or Steelers go 5-11, nobody cares.

    One game that hasn't been mentioned is watching Irvin getting carted off in Veterans Stadium with the fans cheering his injury. Not the ceremonial send-off worthy of a leader and player of his caliber.
  12. TLW47

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    I sat thru a few clunkers. Bears mauling us something like 44-0.

    And I remember the game where Buddy Ryan had the bounty out...and yes I do believe he told his players to hurt a few Cowboys. I think that guy was just plain mean. I got a good view of it and the Eagles did go after the kicker and it was that way the whole game. I hate the Eagles.
  13. Irving Cowboy

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    I was at that game... yep it was miserable, I had some dude looked like he just walked out of the Poconos behind me throwing green carnations at me the whole game... I wanted to knock him out.
  14. Irving Cowboy

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    That was the game Kevin Sweeney started after converting like 5 4th downs in a row against the Giants the previous week, right?? Man, doesn't that sort of seem like the same thing with Henson last week?
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  16. TexasCowboy

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    For me the worst game ever was the wide open missed catch by Jackie
    Smith against the Steelers in the super bowl. I cried after seein that
    because I knew Dallas would lose such a hard fought game against
    the Steelers with so many chances to win but couldn't do it
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    Definitely 'The Catch' Game. That game started the 49'ers Dynasty and ended ours. Also the playoff game we lost to the Lions (38-6 I think) back in '91 sticks in my head.
  18. T-New41

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    I didn't see Jackie Smith's miss live, but the replays literally make me sick to my stomach. Joe Montana with that lucky frickin pass that beat us makes me sick to this day.

    Everytime we lose to the Eagles I feel sick. I think I lost a few years of my life when they recovered that onside kick against us a few years back then smacked us down the rest of the game. Also the game we lost Irvin, was a horrible day, one of the worst as a cowboys fan.

    There was a playoff slaughter in 91 when Detroit laid a whippin down on us. I dont remember much, but I remember (I think it was Herman Moore) one of the Detroit Receivers taking the time to stop, turn around, and bow before waltzing into the end zone. That pretty much ticked me off. Not to mention that year the Skins won the Superbowl. If we could have gotten past Detroit, we pretty much would have had the NFC championship in the bag (due to owning the Skins regardless of record) and could have begun our ownage of Buffalo a year earlier.

    Then there was 1996-2002, which will someday become known as the dark ages of Cowboys history (thanks to idiotic coaching we only won 3 SB's in the 90's. WE SHOULD HAVE WON AT LEAST 5 with the talent we had)

    And as was mentioned losing to the Cardinals in the playoffs is the cherry on top.
  19. PrimeTime#21

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    Actually that game right before half time the boys were driving down the field and there was a deep out to Michael Irving on a 4th down play where he was mauled by the defender which would have given Da Boys a first down at about the Whiners 18 yard line. We would have had about a minute and 22 seconds on the clock. Had we scored during that time frame with the officials
    proper call we would have only been down by like 3 points. There was a offensive holding penalty never called against the Whiners that led to a crucial third down conversion which led to a td. In the 4th there was a nother ticky tack call against the boys for pass interference that stalled a promising drive. All and all the Whiners had the Refs in there hip pocket the whole game. I record all the cowboy games and I go back and critique them (win lose or draw) and that was one of the worst officiated games I have ever seen unless of course the officiating were all undercover Forty-Whiners
    :skins: :jints: :iggles:
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    Yeah, I think that was the old NFC Championship game in 1994 when Dallas spotted SF a quick 3 TD lead early in the 1st period. pass interference by a trailing Deion Sanders. He took a whack across Irvin's forearms before the ball landed. It would have been a pretty impressive conversion, but the **@%*(**)#$#^ refs blew that call big time! One of the worst memories of debauchery and incompetent refereeing that I can recall.

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