Worst game in Cowboy history?

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by The30YardSlant, Dec 2, 2004.

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    Was reading SI the other day and apparently there is a controversy over that ball. Dwight Clark thought he owned it but the 49ers ballboy claims he gave Clark a regular football and kept the infamous ball. The ballboy, who is still a "ballman" for the 49ers up until this day, sold the alleged ball for $50,000 to a collector along with a signed affidavit swearing it was the ball. Apparently, it was to pay his kids tuition. So now there is a dispute over who has the real ball. I bet the ballboy is lying but I'm glad there is a legitimacy dispute over that damn ball now and no one will ever get full value for it. :)
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    That was actually Ray Crockett who was returning an interception or a fumble that game, if I remember correctly... oh I was ready to puke also. That game made me madder than hell because I thought that the Boys had seen what they needed to do when they got spanked so bad earlier in the season vs Detroit... but nope, they went out and got whupped worse!! Jimmy putting Troy in that game was a mistake too that he owned up to.
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    The first Cowboy game I ever went to - TO on the Star.

    That was depressing - I didn't become a football fan until my teen years, and a Boys fan shortly thereafter. I was pumped to go and see my first Boys game. And that debacle is forever in my memory.

    Not the TO debacle, rather, all the useless fans that booed Aikman. Classless.
  4. dargonking999

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    the catch
  5. Juke99

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    If it makes ya feel any better, there was a program on the other night...and at the end they showed that play...BUT they showed how, in fact, the 49ers practiced that one play, over and over...and Montana was instructed to throw it high...they showed the 49ers practicing it.

    So does that make you feel any better?

    I didn't think so, me either. :banghead:
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    any of the 302 regular season losses are the worst in my opinion.

    any of the 21 playoff losses.

    any of the 16 losses to the 49ers.

    any of the 10 losses to the packers.
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    My personal low point was in December 24, 1989.

    Sitting in a frozen Texas Stadium watching the Boys lose 10-20 to the Packers. The stadium was so empty that you could have fired off a cannon and not hit anyone in certain sections. Porta potties for everyone after the pipes froze. Good times good times
  8. Aikmaniac

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    Opening season loss to Texans. I'd never been so embarrassed to be a Cowboys fan.
  9. jimmy40

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    44-0 Chicago. Left no doubt Tom Landry was done.
  10. 2233boys

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    I agree worst lose ever, it was my 14th (I believe, may have been 15th pretty sure it was 14th though) birthday too...

  11. Fletch

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    Yep, that was the worst loss ever. Chicago spanked us 44-0 at Texas Stadium. I don't even wanna think about it.
  12. lane

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    i have 5 off the top of my head

    1. the loss to the steelers in 79 superbowl
    2. the catch, uuughhh. if i see that replay one more time, i'm tossin a bud select through the ole 32 incher!
    3. that philly game where herschel had two 80 yard td and we lost anyway
    4. that cleveland game where jay got tackled at the one
    5. the loss to philly in 80, that was the game we never recovered from
  13. CowboyPrincess

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    Oh my heart

    Oh the pain

    My poor Jay...

    Now I won't be able to sleep tonight
  14. TexasTornado

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    The first and last game I actually cried over was when I was 11 years old. Super Bowl XIII, January 21, 1979, Pittsroids Steelers - 35, DALLAS - 31. The "Catch" hurt too, but losing a Super Bowl hurts more than any other games.
  15. CM Duck

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    every Super Bowl loss

    the first texans game

    the '95 championship game(those refs sucked and the would have won 4 SBs in a row
    especially if Jimmy would still have been there)

    and the infamous game with "the catch".

    what bothers me most about that game is that we were driving, after "the catch", for the win btu NOOOOOOOOOO danny white had to fumble the ball away.
  16. Juke99

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    The second loss to the Steelers was killer because within a six minute stretch, it was like some weird, less than divine intervention happened...Pass Interference....refs blocking the path for Waters to tackle Harris...Gerela SLIPPING on his kickoff and sending the ball to Randy White of all people, WHO WAS WEARING A CAST..etc...

    But for me, those Cleveland losses in, I guess, 68 and 69 were killers because we were clearly the better team...and we got dominated...
  17. DallasEast

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    1985's 44-0 loss to Chicago. No one likes to see their team lose, but, during the course of the game, your team usually demonstrates why they belong in the NFL. Not this game. We were dominated offensively, defensively, on special teams and outcoached. Heck, even the cheerleaders seemed to take it on the chin that game. This went beyond embarrassment or humiliation. I simply went numb all over. No other loss, whether regular season, playoff or Super Bowl, ever affected me as deeply. It remains an open, gaping, festering wound. Hopefully, I'll never feel that way EVER again.

    And it didn't help things after the Bengals pasted 50 points on us three games later...
  18. Juke99

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    I recall that Chicago game...and the worst part of it was seeing just how much that Bear team was loving kicking our butts...awful.
  19. Irving Cowboy

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    The 29-0 loss on Thanksgiving day in 1989 to the Eaglets was horrible... it was practically a streetfight the whole game, and they just kicked the crap out of the Boys. Ugly ugly ugly game from beginning to end. Buddy just loved to beat Jimmy too, and beat him bad. Hell, Buddy just loved beating the Cowboys... just like he said after the game, "Ahhh who the hell are the Cowboys we beat 'em every time we play 'em"... God I hated that guy.
  20. RESIN8

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    haha no he didn't Eric Wright got him by the horsecollar. Like i always said the last act of desperation or give up the TD. Works everytime. Another thing was that we basically ran the same play vs SF in the Champ game when Harper caught the pass that went for big time yardage and the back breaker.

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