Worst movie you ever saw?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by honyock, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. ajk23az

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    For sure. This was beyond awful.
  2. rickjameschinaclub

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    Surprisingly, I actually think he was pretty good in the Matrix... He had that stoic look going, which was pretty good for the movie. I heard they wanted Will Smith originally.

    Not that much of a fan of Bill Bob Thornton, i.e. never really paid attention to him. Though I heard Bad Santa is a classic, but haven't gotten around to watching it.
  3. MichaelWinicki

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    Watched "Wrong Turn 5" this past week. Dreadful. So bad that I didn't even bother donating the DVD, which is what I ususally do. But instead I threw it out.
  4. rickjameschinaclub

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    I knew somebody would chime in with that. I never saw the whole thing, though I watched parts of it on TV... Never really liked what I saw...
  5. pjtoadie

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    A Knight's Tale was horrible imo
  6. dexternjack

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    That doesn't qualify as a horrible, worst movie ever IMO. At least it was entertaining at some points.

    Clockwork Orange, now that was horrible!
  7. LynnFoster

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    Funny, Im a tech guy but I live in Hollywood so I'm on the fringes of the Entertainment Industry. I met a girl at a party that was an AD on the Matrix whose story was hilarious. She said they found out Keanu got the lead role and everyone involved in the film started calling around asking "OK, he is a name but he can't act, what are we going to do?"

    Two days later a script rewrite showed up. Instead of having all the dialogue between the two leads, Fishburne now had 95% of the lines followed by Keanu saying "OK" or "What do I do?" She said it was hilarious and everyone started calling each other laughing on the phone.

    Also apparently the King of truly bad movies is called "The Room". There is a theater by my gym that used to play it at Midnight so anyone that worked on film production could get tanked and laugh at how bad it was. Apparently every aspect of it was horrible. So if you were a scriptwriter the lines were horrible, if you did lighting that was bad, if you are a Director the cues were off, etc. They would get a good crowd of people nailing drinks and then laughing themselves silly at how bad it is.

    I just looked for a link and the Wiki calls it "the Citizen Kane of bad movies".

  8. KJJ

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    Plan 9 From Outer space was awful it was an extremely low budget horror flick in which Bela Lugosi died during the filming. They had his replacement conceal his face behind a cape during the rest of the movie so know one could tell the only problem was the actor was a foot taller than Lugosi. :rolleyes: In one scene zombies are walking through a graveyard and one of them grazed a tombstone and it fell over you could tell it was made out of cardboard.
  9. speedkilz88

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    I did not watch this movie but it was on cable and I saw the beginning unfortunately. He actually drives by a stud horse and gets out and "satisfies" the horse. I kid you not. Most disgusting thing I've seen in a movie. I feel for anyone who actually went to a theater to see it. Although you should have known better with it being a Tom Green film.
  10. Teren_Kanan

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    Depends on how you are judging "worst" as worst is somewhat subjective.

    I could list low end B- movies like "Troll 2", but they seem too easy, and were never meant to be great movies to begin with. Though on the subject of Troll 2, I suggest you watch "Best Worst Movie Ever" which is a surprisingly good documentary about the movie Troll 2 (which IS awful don't get me wrong).

    I'm going to skip over Cheaply made movies and Comedies, and go with Expectation vs Disappointment.

    Star Wars Prequels, with Revenge of the Sith sitting pretty at possibly the most disgustingly bad movie I've ever seen in my life. All 3 of these movies were so awful that I no longer care for Star Wars. I will no longer read any of the books or play any of the games. I might give the new movies a try, but my expectations are extremely low.

    After that is probably the Transformers Trilogy. I felt like Michael Bay bent my childhood over a table.
  11. Diogenes

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    I'm glad somebody else agrees with me on that! I'll take it one step further and say that Stanley Kubrick is very high on my list of overrated directors.
  12. a_minimalist

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    Rocky Balboa
  13. CashMan

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    I love the MAtrix, although I do know Reeves is not a good actor. It is kinda like the Toxic Avengers, it is kinda so bad its good sometimes. I liked Street Kings, and the Replacements, he is in.
  14. LynnFoster

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    I liked "Speed"a lot and I'm not knocking Keanu. I don't know squat but my sense is that there are really only a couple of people that are good at acting and a ton that are bad or OK.
  15. CashMan

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    Ohhh no...He is terrible at acting.
  16. BrAinPaiNt

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    About any movie I have watched or tried to watch with Uwe Boll. I am just shocked that he continues to get money to make films and actually has some known actors play in them.
  17. Hopeuhavechange

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    AD= Assistant Director? Far as I can tell he's a decent enough guy by accounts. He just has not mastered his craft. And yet he's laughing all the way to the bank, so good for him.

    I understand appreciating spectacularly bad movies in a perverse sense, particularly gruesome horror flicks. It's sort of analogous to watching the Cowboys 2012 season unfold and watching coaching heads getting lopped off in the aftermath.
  18. LynnFoster

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    I'm sure he is a nice guy, word always gets around about the real aholes. Its common knowledge though that Keanu got pretty much every major part in his career because he was dating David Geffen, the music mogel.

    This is funny too, AD is Assistant Director. I just went to IMDB to see that girl's name and every 1st AD is male! So that part wasn't true, I would bet she exaggerated her role but the basic story is true. I can't imagine anyone shopping a script with one of the main characters saying about 30 words in the entire movie.
  19. Diogenes

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    Alone in the Dark has consistently been ranked as one of the worst movies ever made. Armed with this information, they decided a sequel was in order.

  20. honyock

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    I read somewhere that a lot of good directors really like Reeves, because he looks good on film. He's basically like a mountain range - a cinematographers dream, and about as good an actor as a mountain range.

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