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    Hi guys and ladies, would appreciate anyone interested in voting for my essay on dallas morning news sports cowboys essay contest for season tickets next year, below is the link and my essay; cowboyjoe


    Why I am the Ultimate Dallas Cowboy Fan!
    As a child I grew up pretending to be Bob Lily or Roger Staubach. At my house, I prepare for the game by wearing my jerseys, rubbing my lucky Cowboys pillow helmet. Ever since 1966 in the Ice Bowl game, is when I first bled blue and silver, & became a Cowboy fan, that year when the offensive guard for the Packers jumped offside?s & we lost the game due to poor officiating I cried, & became a true blue Dallas Cowboy fan. Some fans just rant & rave about the poor officiating, but I have taken that a step further by phoning & mailing the officials of the NFL on their poor officiating. After the super bowl each year, I then get into the NFL Draft, I have my own war room for the draft, whom I think the Cowboys should draft, & NFL draft magazines. Then after the draft I go over into details with other fans on war rooms on Dallas Cowboys websites, like www.cowboyszone.com. I have in fact on several occasions emailed Jerry Jones & the scouting department on several players to be drafted, which a couple of them were drafted by the Cowboys. In 1975, I was reading a football book that coach Red Hickey (former head coach for the 49ers in 1960) wrote. In his book, he wrote about the shotgun formation. Thinking about the 1974 season where Roger Staubach had little time to throw, & was running for his life, I sat down, wrote what I thought about the shotgun formation, putting that info in a yellow folder. To me, it would give Roger a second and half to see the whole defense in comparison to when he was backpedaling & not seeing the whole defense. So, in February I drove to the Dallas Cowboy headquarters, going to the elevator I saw Mrs. Landry come out, while I was going in. I met All Pro Guard John Wooten but was now an assistant for the Dallas Cowboys. I gave Mr. John Wooten the yellow folder. Wooten thanked me & told me he would give it to the Cowboys, while there I met Golden Richards too. So, that year in the off-season Coach Landry installed the shotgun formation, 2 ? weeks after I gave the Cowboys the yellow folder. The Cowboys started missing field goals that year in preseason 1975. I went to the ball game using my binoculars, I zeroed in on Charley Waters holding the ball right before it was kicked by a Mexican kicker. Charley Waters top index finger would come off the ball & his fourth finger, & the ball would lean to the right or left right before the football was kicked, while Charley looked up at the goal posts. When, I got back home, I sat down & wrote Tex Schramn. A few days later I got a nice letter back from Tex stating that he would look into that. Next ball game, we didn?t miss any more field goals, & Charley Waters had his head down for all snaps & field goal attempts, while all of his fingers remained on the ball until it was kicked. Then, when I got my season tickets, they moved me down to about the 8th row & put me at the 25-yard line, instead of at the 33-seat section I was previously in. So, Cowboy fans, we can make a difference. Some fans still were getting on Jerry Jones after he fired Coach Landry, but Jerry Jones wants the fans to take pride in the Cowboys that they are the best, & that Jerry says the Dallas Cowboy fans are the best too. Then, in 1993, when Jerry Jones had his radio talk show, I talked to him a few times. Later, in 2000 in the Dave Campo area, I won a set of tickets for asking the head coach a good enough question about the secondary. That was the first time I got to go behind the chain link fence, right behind the Redskin bench. The fans were quiet, & All Pro Erik Williams was waving his hands on the sidelines, trying to get the fans to start shouting when Redskins offense was on the field. I started stomping the bleacher that I was standing on, & hollering, fans were looking at me like I was nuts, but I replied, come on, we need to holler. Finally, the fans started yelling in our section, & it took off to other areas in the stadium. There were a few false starts for the Redskins in that game too when Cowboy fans started hollering. Needless to say, we won that game, & of course my voice was hoarse went I got back home. This year, from www.ktbb.com I got to fulfill close to one of my biggest dreams, to be on the sidelines, during a football game that the Dallas Cowboys played. The 4 VIP sideline pass tickets were from the David Smoak show, but I got to be up-close to the players at the training camp in San Antonio. During our stay there I took a friend?s football that he had, this boy wanted the football signed for his dad that was given 2 weeks to live due to the fact that he had cancer & was dying. I got the football signed with about 15 signatures. The boy?s dad passed away 4 weeks later, but it meant a lot to the boy for his dad with the cowboy?s autographed football. GO COWBOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!.SUPER BOWL Here we come, I feel something special in the air this year. Joe Cates alas cowboyjoe
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    Sure thing, just gave you your first vote.

    If anyone else is voting for DAFan in the photo part of this contest, you do not have to re-register or login a second time. Just select the Essay portion of the contest. With one vote he is on page four - let's get it moving!
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    You've got three votes, two of which came from me.

    C'mon, guys!
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    Still voting.

    You're almost on page one.
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    This link isn't working for me to vote. It gives me timeout issues which I've tried to fix, however, to no avail. I will try later for u.
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    This one should work:


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