Would Drew ever be pulled during a game, short of disabling injury?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by igtmfo, Sep 17, 2006.

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    -Minn. preseason game Drew gets blasted in the head, is disoriented and throws a duck INT.

    -Jacksonville ... due to back injury, in-game nicks or whatever, proceeds downhill.

    It's been two straight weeks of hardship for Drew..If it was one more vs. the Skins and Drew was obviously fighting it .... a couple of INTS maybe ... would Bill ever pull the plug on his boy midgame?:mad:
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    Drew runs on AC power?
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    This is why I hate member Rowdy: He's an empty man, with nothing to say.

    I love his sig thoo.
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    lol... his sig cracks me up EVERY single time I see it

    it was better in its original state though (with monkey Bill Purcells pinching the nipple of orangutan Jerruh)

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    If I had been the HC I would have pulled Bledsoe by the end of the 3rd quarter at the latest last week. It was obvious that he wasn't quite right, stretching and throwing passes on the sidelines, and then throwing ducks and picks on the field. He did NOT "give us the best chance to win" at that point to quote Parcells' excuse that he used for leaving Vinny Intercepteverde in all season.

    Parcells has no problem pulling a young QB out in mid-game but he is very unlikely to pull one of his boys out as has been shown with both Vinny and Drew. That is one of the problems I have with Parcells, he gets too stuck on certain players (his boys) and simply won't see or do what needs to be done.

    I would have pulled Bledsoe in the 2nd half last week and started him this week. Rmo has some skills but he has yet to throw a pass in a regular season game so I wouldn't be too anxious to start him just yet but if he isn't ready to step in when Bledsoe is obviously struggling then why is he the only other QB on the roster?

    Parcells is a big baseball fan, you would think he would be willing to pull his starting pitcher and bring in a reliever when the starter is struggling. If he is worried about Drew's psyche not being able to handle it then the guy shouldn't be a starting QB in the NFL anyway.

    We need the guy who truly does give us the best chance to win at all points of the game and last week in the 2nd half that guy wasn't Drew Bledsoe. Bill needs to live by these little axioms he throws out there.
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    Did Bill ever pull Vinny from a game when he was playing badly?


    So I seriously doubt he'll do it to Drew.

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