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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Cbz40, Dec 18, 2005.

  1. Cbz40

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    How many of you think that JJ would have the intestinal fortitude to fire Bill Parcells.

    Does Jerry want to be known as the owner that fired the HOF Coach Tom Landry, ran off Jimmy Johnson, and last but not least fired Bill Parcells?
  2. Juke99

    Juke99 ...Abbey someone

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    Nope...it would be another admission that he was wrong...

    If he wanted Parcells gone, I think he'd figure out a way to make him resign the position...but no, I don't think he'd flat out fire him.
  3. big dog cowboy

    big dog cowboy THE BIG DOG Staff Member

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    Not gonna happen pops.

    Contract extension this off season.
  4. jbsg02

    jbsg02 Active Member

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    only if jesus was lined up to be the next head coach
  5. Da Hammer

    Da Hammer The Natural

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    He has a big enough EGO to do it and I hope he does because like he said it takes 3 years to see if a player is gonna be good. Well in 3 years as coach he has done nothing. BTW I took that from another person who started a thread here.
  6. Dale

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    The ridicule this franshise would endure would be endless if he fired Parcells.
  7. Eskimo

    Eskimo Well-Known Member

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    No, BP won't be canned. He may walk after discussing the situation in the offseason but he won't be fired.
  8. jlust22

    jlust22 Active Member

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    I think there would be a better chance of Parcells walking away than getting fired. I expect him to be back for his 4th year, but I don't see him staying after next season.
  9. kingwhicker

    kingwhicker BCRSA

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    No way- he will never fire him- I doubt Parcells is here in two years though- he'll walk away a miserable failure.
  10. Da Hammer

    Da Hammer The Natural

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    Yeah he won't get fired but I wouldn't be surprised if they played it off as Parcells retiring for health reasons or something just to avoid embarassment for both sides
  11. 2much2soon

    2much2soon Well-Known Member

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    hmm, nobody thought he would fire Jimmy, either.
    Different circumstances with Jimmy 'dissing Jerry but he was still a giant figure in Dallas and the NFL at the time. Jimmy and his team were pretty much invincible and Jerry whacked him. I remember where I was when I heard about it on the radio as my eyes glazed over in shock.
    If this team loses next week and lays down in the final game I don't think its farfetched that Parcells is gone.
    I hate to say it but if Parcells is here next year I expect more of the same. Strong start followed by a disappointing finish with bizarre game-time decisions sprinkled along the way.
  12. Da Hammer

    Da Hammer The Natural

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    The thing I most hate with Parcells is that instead of taking advantage of another team playing bad and jumping ahead of them quickly, we go conservative and so the other team can recover from starting off bad. Thats why in a lot of games when we should be blowing out teams, instead its a close one and then the next thing you know we lose the game.
  13. The Fonz

    The Fonz Correctamundo

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    My feeling is if we don't win the next 2 games....Bill won't be here
  14. Eskimo

    Eskimo Well-Known Member

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    I hate to root to against the boys but hmmm................
  15. Chocolate Lab

    Chocolate Lab Run-loving Dino

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    I think he would, CBZ.

    He knows that eventually either Parcells will quit, or Parcells will be fired. I wouldn't be surprised if Jerry tried to be proactive, like he usually prefers to be.

    I'm not saying he should, but I think he would.
  16. Asklesko

    Asklesko Well-Known Member

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    Damn, that would be great. Buh bye, man boobs!
  17. The Fonz

    The Fonz Correctamundo

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    if it happened what is our option? new guy new system how long will it take...
  18. TunaFan33

    TunaFan33 Benched

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    This is just me, but maybe this franchise is becoming like the Saints.

    I think Jerry needs to hire a GM. Or else-regardless who's coaching this team, we'll be playing QB-shuffle for many years to come.
  19. Chuck 54

    Chuck 54 Well-Known Member

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    No way JJ will fire Parcells...the team is improving in depth and personel every year...that cannot be denied.

    I just hope and pray he doesn't give him an extension...I appreciate what he's done even though I don't like the total package. I say let him finish his contract, and then hire a younger, innovative offensive guy to finish the job.
  20. sago1

    sago1 Active Member

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    All this talk of firing Parcells is a load of ####. Parcells is a good coach who has significantly improved the talent on this team but most of you are so spoiled that if these young guys aren't pro bowlers in their 1st yr you have a fit & call for Parcells firing because in his 3rd yr we aren't legit SB contenders. We've had 5 coaches in last 16 years & I'm tired of hiring new coaches (Jimmy is best we got and now Parcells and the 3 in between were disasters. Campo's 3 seasons of 5-11 ought to have made it clear how bad we were but I don't think some of you got the message.

    Yep Parcells has made some mistakes in his desire to get this team ready to compete for SB sooner rather than latter but at least we played much better then any one expected us to play this season, particularly the so called experts. Parcells will make big changes on offense, particularly on the OL where most problems begin.

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