Would Tony Romo perform better with different coach/playcaller?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Arkyvarminter, Sep 20, 2013.

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    The Romo we have now is a shadow of the player of 6 years ago.

    He is always injured now..

    ..has degraded from a scrambling-mobile QB to a pocket passer

    . whos most dangerous weapon was getting out of the pocket and making big plays..

    .. who is not a true pocket passer like a Manning or Bree's.

    This can't be only obvious to me.

    Does anybody see this..?

    Romos strongest assets were his improvisation..

    That has completely gone from the offense recently.

    So are our chances at getting this turned around.
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    Seams to me the answer - and we don't know the day to day goings on - would be, what does Wade Wilson really do ? The quarterback's coach. I have always been underwhelmed by him. Maybe a differant voice in Romo's ear, someone who is not so close to him i.e. thinks of Wade as a friend ?
    We don't really know, but I have wondered for a couple of years now if changeing up the quarter backs coach would help.....
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    I've wondered the same and was hoping we would get a new qb coach during JJ's last housecleaning
  4. cowboys1981

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    Romo is getting slower on his feet to be rolling out on bootlegs. If Murray keeps running into blocks it's kind of hard to set up anything. It's more important to establish a running game that can set up open space in the passing attack via play action. Getting the defense to bite on this would help get our players open.
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    It's pretty hilarious how the Jon Kitna saga deluded all the Romo haters and Garrett loves, i.e. the fact that Dallas had a 'winning' record with Kitna mkes some actually believe JG is a guy hampered by Romo... Kitna threw 12 picks in 10 games and fumbled 6 times. Romo only threw 7 INTs and had no fumbles. Remember also, the offense went extremely conservative once Kitna was inserted in the line-up and they actually ran the ball.

    The difference in the season was that by the time Romo went out the game against the Giants, the Cowboys defense only had 4 TOs. When Kitna was inserted in the line-up, the Dallas defense, in 10 games, got 27 TOs.

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    Or worse, just depending, yeah.
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    The assertion that Romo is getting too slow to roll out on bootlegs is utterly absurd. The first reason is, one doesn't have to be extremely fast, just enough, which Romo is. The second is, Romo is not fast per say, he's extremely elusive and shifty. Third, the bootleg was never a tool in this Garrett era to make it seem like it's because Romo is 'aging' that the bootleg is not run. Fourth, Garrett not only doesn't emply the bootleg, he hardly has play-action. Sturm and anybdy watching use to consistently harp about this, even when Dallas would run alot. The fact that we always here about balance coming from Valley Ranch, without any play action, shows how woefully sucky the playbook is.
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    I never
    I never said he had to be extremely fast. My bootleg remark was to make a point from another poster who used the bootleg as an example of things we could do. We will never be successful at play action if we don't pose a threat on the run. You can use anyone's play book and if you can't hit the holes and pick up decent yardage no one will bite on play action.
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    And my point is, Romo can still do bootleg and coaches can move the pocket. The idea that he's lost that ability is jut patently untrue, especially considering the fact that Romo essentially carried this team on his back to one game to the play-offs last year by up-tempo and scrambling on his feet.
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    Brees does the EXACT same thing as Romo. This is face-palm worthy. He can pocket pass just fine. Shadow of himself SIX years ago? You mean the day he started? Smh
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    it's always something isn't it?:rolleyes:
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    It's more important to set up the pass with the run. You can throw all the play books out there, but if we can't execute on the run we're doomed on the pass. I never said he lost that ability. That skill set has diminished some. Those are two entirely different things. Romo scrambles more in the pocket than he does the outside now. Is that a bad thing? No. He is using his feet to stay in the pocket and keep the play alive.
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    Parcells and Johnson....maybe Belicheck
  14. Fredd

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    yes, better game-plan = better production
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    Just look at the team that just beat us, they won 2 games all of last season and now they are 3-0. They added a middle of the road QB, fired Crennel and hired Reid.

    That's it.

    So yes, coaching matters. A lot more than Jerry thinks.
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    Love the player, love the coach. Sure, there might be a better fit for him elsewhere, but we're really lucky to have what we have.
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    I think Sean Peyton and Tony Romo would be a lethal combination.
  18. dallasdave

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    Romo would be better getting rid of the ball quickly, before bad things happen.
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    I have a feeling nobody is going to realize how good Romo is until we don't have him anymore. Then we can be the Raiders, Cardinals, and Jaguars, etc. and go dumpster diving for a quarterback every offseason. Can't wait for that, huh?
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    No don't see any of that.
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