Would you draft Aaron Donald with our first round pick

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by theranchsucks, Jan 6, 2014.

  1. AsthmaField

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    Me too man, but I'm afraid he won't be around in the late first.

    I may be wrong and him being undersized keeps him from rocketing up draft boards, but I really think he ends up going rather high.

    I hope I'm wrong.
  2. supercowboy8

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    you can tell the guys on this board who hasn't seen Donald play. They just hate on his size. This guy is a beast and very quick. He dominated every team he played. people want hageman or Tuitt over Donald, but why, just because they have size. Look at the common teams they all played. Donald played far and away better vs same competition than they did.

    Hageman with his size should have been dominate but yet couldn't put up the numbers Donald did.

    My dream draft would be Nix in the 1st and Donald in the 2nd. Nix a perfect 1 tech and Donald a perfect 3 tech.

    I agree it would be preferred to get a large player but size doesn't mean anything when they can't play. At the end of the day, isn't about getting the best player? Donald is the bet player.
  3. supercowboy8

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    Just depends on his combine and interviews. By draft time we will know if he has shot up draft boards and if so then, yes draft him at 16.
  4. supercowboy8

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  5. TTexasTT

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    lulz, "forget his size"

    Sorry OP. Size is much more important in the NFL than it is at Pitt.... Short guy with T-Rex arms.
    Hes a 2nd round guy...
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  6. casmith07

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    Trade back to the bottom of the first round like last year, pick up an extra 2nd or 3rd rounder, and draft Michael Sam with the 31st or 32nd pick from Missouri.
  7. neosapien23

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    He was very dominant but he is only six foot even. I do think he will be a good nfl player, but he can be had in the 2nd round. If some team wants to gamble a high pick on his so be it. Dallas can always take a player with both size and production like Kony Ealy in the 1st round.
  8. Pessimist_cowboy

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    Warren sapp wasn't 5"11 285


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