Would you draft Brandon Meriweather??

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Big Dakota, Mar 17, 2007.

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    Considering the NFL is cracking down on bs from players, would you draft Meriweather in the 2nd? Say he slipped to the mid to late 40's would you trade a 2nd day pick or two to trade up? Doubtful, but stranger things have happened and he could be there at 53 if enough teams are scared away? I'm in no way asking if we would use a 1st on him, but in the 2nd you'd have to consider it, even if we had to trade up a few.

    From the great blue north's site.

    There are some major character concerns as Meriweather has struggled with his behavior on and off the field; was a key figure in a brawl 2005 Peach Bowl and was suspended for his part in last season’s ugly brawl with Florida International in which he was caught on tape stomping on an opponent. Off the field Meriwaether was involved in an incident in which he pulled he repeatedly fired a weapon and several assailants who had shot one of his teammates.
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    I'd like to interview him in person, but I tend to think I would. I have seen a couple of interviews on television, and he always comes across as a sincere, contrite kid. Like I said, I'd like to see him in person before I decided anything, but he does interview better than a lot of kids I have seen on tv.

    Edit: I say this dealing only with his personal issues. As a potential starter on this team or replacement for Watkins, and that is a whole different issue. Personally, I'm not sure his potential is much greater than Watkins, so I would probably end up passing since if I was running the Dallas draft. I do think he's a draftable prospect though for someone.
  3. Hostile

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    Personally, I wouldn't. In round 1 if Landry or Nelson can be acquired fine, but beyond one of those 2 I'd rather stick with Watkins or move Henry to FS and draft a CB.
  4. big dog cowboy

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    His "character" issues may keep him off our list of draftable players. IMHO we shouldn't draft him because of that. We have tried going that route before and got burned.

    Remember A Bryant who slipped to us and we thought we got a real steal when we drafted him? He won the Biletnikoff award as a sophomore (only R. Moss did also) only to get traded for Quincy Morgan :eek: and now 6 years and 3 teams later he is unemployeed.
  5. Yeagermeister

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    Not just no but hell no
  6. Rack Bauer

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    No thanks. This guy has "PacMan" written all over him.
  7. ThreeSportStar80

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    Merriweather is a better safety than Pat Watkins but I'm sure the Cowboys will stick with him though...
  8. gimmesix

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    I really don't think the character concerns are going to be that great.

    Although the stomping incident was bad, it was at least done in the heat of a brawl ... not like Haynesworth's act. (I'm not condoning it, BTW.)

    As for pulling the gun, police apparently absolved him of any wrongdoing because he was chasing the assailants away. From what I read, he fired three times in the air and not actually at the perps ... and I guess he must have had a permit for the gun, although there has to be some wariness about him carrying a loaded gun in the first place.

    If my information is wrong, someone please correct me because I have been trying to understand the "major character concerns" issue about Meriweather.
  9. ThreeSportStar80

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    Nothing wrong with owning a gun, I carry mine everywhere I go...

    COWBOYSNUM1 Active Member

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    I would take him in the 2nd in a second. :D
  11. Hostile

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    I am more leery of the stomping on a Florida International player.
  12. jobberone

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    He's supposed to be a punk. I don't know how to label punks as bad ones or just a minor one. If that makes any sense he's supposed to be a minor one. I guess what I'm reading is he's tainted but most think he'll pan out.

    That might be the stupidest post I've written but with so many punks out there I'm saying you can't write them all off.

    I'd take him in the bottom of the first maybe but I know I would in the top of the second.

    There are too many safer picks to take him at 22 even though he has the talents for that pick.

    He's also a return man.
  13. jobberone

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    BTW I'd trade up for Landry as he can play any DB position. A great backup at SS, a great immediately starting FS, and a backup CB as well as nickel/dime player who can play the slot.

    Too bad we can't get him.

    Nelson doesn't have Meriweather's talent but he's fast and will go ahead of him. He'll likely be there at 22.
  14. Goldenrichards83

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    I would draft him in a heartbeat. Other than the fight on field, his troubles have been blown wayyyyyyyy out of proportion.
  15. sago1

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    I don't want to draft a FS although I know it's a need. I'd prefer a CB in the first round cause Aaron Glenn will be 35 & Henry 31 this year and that's too much age and doubt Reeves/Jones legit NFL starters. So here is my draft picks:

    1. First Round - Traded our #22 to the Chargers (who take WR Robert Meacham) and we get their #30 along with their 3rd/4th/5th round picks. With 1st round pick we acquired from Chargers, I take CB Chris HOUSTON (many have him going in middle of first round but a few have him falling to us).

    2. DT/NT Tank Tyler (Ferguson's eventual successor)
    3. RB Antonio Pittman
    With Chargers 3rd round pick, I take OC Samson Satele
    4. QB John Beck
    With Chargers 4rd round pick, I take OG Josh Beekman
    5. ILB Zak deOssie (he's also a L/S who could supplant current Cowboy L/S Ledocouver in a year or so)
    With Chargers 5th round pick, I take WR Davis Ball
    6. TE Kevin Boss
    7. PK Justin Medlock
  16. FRDRCK

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    i wouldn't draft you either:D
  17. 5mics

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    YES! I would draft him. The on-field incident was terrible. He was punished so I move on. The off-field incident was justifiable. He was licensed to carry a gun; what was he supposed to do, stand by and let the assailants kill his friend? He did the right thing there.....:cool:
  18. McCordsville Cowboy

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    Merriweather is a stud. He can play any position in the secondary and plays with something you cant teach.

    Emotion and intensity.

    90% of our defense is still trying to figure out what that is. He is a born leader that not only leads by example (on the field) but leads by his mouth.

    For some reason our defense has too many timid people that prefer to lead by example and not vocally. Merriweather can talk with the best of them, but can back it up. He ins't afraid to use his 5'11 body to tackle anyone. He will stick his nose it even if he will be ran over. Has a nose for the ball and is a true ballhawk. Nelson might be rated higher but he doesnt play as big.

    Sure the fighting and the gun incident have drawn red flags but that might be in our favor. This will surely cause him to drop and hopefully with proper positioning, he can be had for a early second round pick.
  19. GlitzCowboy

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    Actually this is whom I have us drafting 2nd. Peterson 1st, Merriweather 2nd, and both requiring trade-ups, obviously. Because as far as him slipping to us in the 2nd, I just don't see it- we'll have to go grab him, maybe even dipping into the backend of round 1. Then after day 1 we'll come out of this with 2 starters.

    I'm just tired of us picking "project" players on day 1 and I'm hoping Jerry is too now that Bill is gone. JuJo 3 years ago and Carp last year, just seems like a waste of a top two round pick. We can get guys like those in later rounds, we should be aiming for immediate starters in the first 2 rounds, no exceptions.

    As far as his possible problems he could bring to the table- uh, the last time I took count, we had coaches carrying guns and being caught, too. As far as his on the field problems- uh, he's sticking up for his teammates, that there, too, works for me. The guy can be a starter right out of the gate for us, bottom line.
  20. dwmyers

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    Nelson is in play as early as Carolina. Carolina fans are talking about Nelson or Willis. For that matter, if someone picks Landry earlier than 10, I could see Atlanta picking Nelson. It's happened in my mocks. For example, this one, using a recent War Room top 99:

    This mock draft was made by rubysim.rb on 2007-03-18

    Round 1.

    1. Oakland Raiders select JaMarcus Russell, QB.
    2. Detroit Lions select Amobi Okoye, DT.
    3. Cleveland Browns select Joe Thomas, OT.
    4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers select Calvin Johnson, WR.
    5. Arizona Cardinals select LaRon Landry, S.
    6. Washington Redskins select Gaines Adams, DE.
    7. Minnesota Vikings select Jamaal Anderson, DE.
    8. Houston Texans select Adrian Peterson, RB.
    9. Miami Dolphins select Leon Hall, CB.
    10. Atlanta Falcons select Reggie Nelson, S.
    11. San Francisco 49ers select Paul Posluszny, OLB.
    12. Buffalo Bills select Aaron Ross, CB.
    13. St Louis Rams select Lawrence Timmons, OLB.
    14. Carolina Panthers select Brandon Meriweather, S.
    15. Pittsburgh Steelers select Rufus Alexander, OLB.
    16. Green Bay Packers select Ted Ginn Jr., WR.
    17. Jacksonville Jaguars select Charles Johnson, DE.
    18. Cinncinnati Bengals select Alan Branch, DT.
    19. Tennessee Titans select DeMarcus Tyler, DT.
    20. New York Giants select Dwayne Bowe, WR.
    21. Denver Broncos select Aaron Rouse, S.
    22. Dallas Cowboys select Patrick Willis, ILB.
    23. Kansas City Chiefs select Daymeion Hughes, CB.
    24. New England Patriots select Tanard Jackson, CB.
    25. New York Jets select Marcus McCauley, CB.
    26. Philadelphia Eagles select Jarvis Moss, DE.
    27. New Orleans Saints select Jon Beason, OLB.
    28. New England Patriots select Sidney Rice, WR.
    29. Baltimore Ravens select Justin Durant, ILB.
    30. San Diego Chargers select Justin Blalock, G.
    31. Chicago Bears select Tony Ugoh, OT.
    32. Indianapolis Colts select Ray McDonald, DT.

    Round 2.

    33. Oakland Raiders select Levi Brown, OT.
    34. Detroit Lions select Zach Miller, TE.
    35. Tampa Bay Buccaneers select Kevin Kolb, QB.
    36. Cleveland Browns select Josh Wilson, CB.
    37. New York Jets select Greg Olsen, TE.
    38. Arizona Cardinals select Darrelle Revis, CB.
    39. Houston Texans select Josh Beekman, C.
    40. Miami Dolphins select Ben Grubbs, G.
    41. Minnesota Vikings select Aundrae Allison, WR.
    42. San Francisco 49ers select Tony Franklin, CB.
    43. Buffalo Bills select Ryan Harris, OT.
    44. Atlanta Falcons select Antonio Pittman, RB.
    45. Carolina Panthers select Victor Abiamiri, DE.
    46. Pittsburgh Steelers select Eric Wright, CB.
    47. Green Bay Packers select Anthony Gonzalez, WR.
    48. Jacksonville Jaguars select Jason Hill, WR.
    49. Cinncinnati Bengals select Adam Carriker, DE.
    50. Tennessee Titans select Ryan Kalil, C.
    51. New York Giants select Marshawn Lynch, RB.
    52. St Louis Rams select Brady Quinn, QB.
    53. Dallas Cowboys select Marcus Thomas, DT.
    54. Kansas City Chiefs select Craig Davis, WR.
    55. Seattle Seahawks select Lyle Sendlein, C.
    56. Denver Broncos select Kenny Irons, RB.
    57. Philadelphia Eagles select DeAndre Jackson, CB.
    58. New Orleans Saints select Ikaika Alama-Francis, DE.
    59. New York Jets select Michael Bush, RB.
    60. New England Patriots select Kevin Payne, S.
    61. Baltimore Ravens select Brian Leonard, FB.
    62. San Diego Chargers select Arron Sears, G.
    63. Chicago Bears select Michael Coe, CB.
    64. Tampa Bay Buccaneers select Anthony Spencer, DE.

    Round 3.

    65. Oakland Raiders select Jacoby Jones, WR.
    66. Detroit Lions select John Beck, QB.
    67. Cleveland Browns select Baraka Atkins, DE.
    68. Tampa Bay Buccaneers select Stewart Bradley, OLB.
    69. Arizona Cardinals select Ben Patrick, TE.
    70. Denver Broncos select Brandon Jackson, RB.
    71. Miami Dolphins select Joe Staley, OT.
    72. Minnesota Vikings select Robert Meachem, WR.
    73. Houston Texans select James Marten, OT.
    74. Buffalo Bills select Dwayne Jarrett, WR.
    75. Atlanta Falcons select LaMarr Woodley, DE.
    76. San Francisco 49ers select Juwan Simpson, OLB.
    77. Pittsburgh Steelers select Chris Henry, RB.
    78. Green Bay Packers select David Clowney, WR.
    79. Jacksonville Jaguars select Jay Moore, DE.
    80. Tennessee Titans select David Harris, ILB.
    81. New York Giants select Chris Houston, CB.
    82. St Louis Rams select H.B. Blades, ILB.
    83. Carolina Panthers select Buster Davis, ILB.
    84. Kansas City Chiefs select Jemalle Cornelius, WR.
    85. Seattle Seahawks select Kenneth Darby, RB.
    86. Denver Broncos select Paul Williams, WR.
    87. Dallas Cowboys select David Irons, CB.
    88. New Orleans Saints select John Talley, CB.
    89. New York Jets select Mike Jones, G.
    90. Philadelphia Eagles select Troy Smith, QB.
    91. New England Patriots select Adam Koets, OT.
    92. Baltimore Ravens select Dashon Goldson, S.
    93. San Diego Chargers select Eric Weddle, S.
    94. Chicago Bears select Michael Johnson, S.
    95. Indianapolis Colts select James Jones, WR.

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