Would you go after Jairus Byrd and at what price?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by theranchsucks, Aug 22, 2013.

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    I think, given the price, I would rather see what our current quartet gives us at safety....allen has some experience, church, if he can stay healthy, should do well in this new scheme of running to the ball, Wilcox is showing that he is just experience away from being pretty good....then we have that enigma Johnson who the majority of us want to see on the field....I would HATE to give up draft picks when we have had a few very successful drafts recently
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    I like Byrd, but it's a no for me. I am not as concerned about the position as most. I think we got a good stop gap guy in Will Allen, not sure what to make of Church yet but I do believe he is solid at the very least. JJ Wilcox I think is athletic and capable of eventually being really good back there. I believe MJ has the same potential but not sure his body can hold up. In either case I feel Byrd would get in the way of the plan for the young guys while Will Allen is sufficient and will be moved aside as soon as the youngins are ready to step in and take over.
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    Trade for an impact DE or DT if defense is the objective. Byrd is not the word if Dallas has to give up high draft picks to get him.
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    The problem isn't really the draft picks, but rather the cost if signing him long term. We simply cannot have that much cap space tied up in our defensive backfield, especially when we are trying to extend guys like Dez, Smith, Carter, etc.
  6. jobberone

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    Obviously you have a great football mind. :D
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    free agency is just as much of a crap shoot. the problem with him is he makes nearly 7 mil this year and is a free agent after. he complained about the money so he is gonna want to get paid. we can't keep carter, dez and others paying 7 mil a year plus to a safety. you have to draft and develope players to stay within the cap. there is no way to buy a roster and stay under the cap. you have to draft and while it can be a crap shoot you have to hit more than you miss. thats just the reality
  8. texbumthelife

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    If Austin's contract wasn't such an albatross, I might dangle him out there.

    Then again I am not a fan of jumping from one awful contract to likely another one or weakening a strength to strengthen a weakness.
  9. Zimmy Lives

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    That's what my psychiatrist sez. :confused:
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    That's a great point. We often get caught in the thinking that a player will give the same production with a new team that he did his old one. In the majority of cases, this doesn't happen. How many times have we seen a good/great player sign a huge deal (which is what we'd have to give Byrd), and then seen them not come close to living up to it?
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