Would you mind two trade backs if

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by supercowboy8, Mar 23, 2012.

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    14 BPA, getting smart got us 2009 and whatever other bad drafts we had. Just ride the course the way it's designed. Even though 2009 may be drastic comparison I see nothing good from trading completely out of the first. You guys follow this a lot closer than I do but I have seen hella names that were missed out on that are now stars from "getting smart"... And it wasn't Maxwell Chief.
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    If you're going to reference the 2009 draft, please also include the 2006 draft.
    In 2006 they used the #18 pick on Bobbie Carpenter.

    They could have traded down in 2006 and drafted Jonathan Joseph at #24 or Nick Mangold at #29.

    The biggest problem with the 2009 draft, was missing a 1st and 3rd round pick due to the Roy Williams debacle.

    The 2nd problem in 2009, was that they targeted a specific player (Unger) and were not prepared when he got drafted a couple of spots ahead of them. They appeared to go into panic mode after that and made some really bad picks. A CB in the 5th that could not beat the kicker in a foot race. Come-on mang, that is a bad pick regardless of any trades.
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    I'm in that camp too. I guess you don't really kow until the draft is happening, but I don't see the mid 1st round and the upper second round being that close talent-wise like some here do.
    I see a drop off after the top 2/3 of the 1st round.
    So, maybe 1s small trade down (or none at all) but I'm not down with two right now.
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    That's just....mean.:laugh2:
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    What got us in 2009 was giving up a first and a third for Roy Williams.

    Then bad drafting is what finished us off.

    I don't remember the last time we put up good back to back drafts - probably 92-93. Well I think we had two pretty good ones in 2010 and 2011. Maybe Jerry has finally learned to listen to his scouts instead of gambling on the hunches of position coaches and/or entrusting Larry Lacewell.

    This draft is strong at our positions of need in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. There isn't an impact player at #14 really worthy of drafting. Even DeCastro may be gone which tells you how weak the upper half of the first round is. Once you get past the two QBs, Claiborne and Kalil there isn't an impact player left at an impact position - there are no great OTs, WRs, CBs, DLs or OLBs left on the board. Heck there isn't even a good safety or TE. This is one of the weakest top 10s I've ever seen outside of the two QBs.

    If we could get an extra second and a first next year I'd be all over that deal.

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