Would you pay 350k to kill a Black Rhino?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by dexternjack, Jan 12, 2014.

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    Sanctuaries aren't going to pay 350k to take it.

    I'm not going to sit here and argue that all the money will go where it should, but even I'd 300k,200k or even 50k goes for habitat or guards, that's better than nothing. The animal isn't expected to make it that much longer and can't even breed anymore. If some fool has 350k to spend on something like that, gimme his gun, I'll put the bullets in it for him.
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    Yeah I "fell" for it ;) Next time just have the stones yaself "tough guy"?
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    Go change your diapers little boy.
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    No tough guy internet bs I meant to quote only tough in tough guy...Just thought it was odd that the tough southern gentleman couldn't just come out and say that Northerners are soft instead of the "story" about the deer compound?
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    The whole north/south tough argument is ignorant. I've lived both places, and the only people that push that stupidity are people compensating for something.
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    I was just havin fun with em. I agree though (I live in the Mid Atlantic) or in the middle anyhow...technically Southern according to Mason Dixon line, etc. Washington DC has had a tricky history of being a federal city dependent on federal funding controlled by congress. Northern/Southern politics played a big role in the city's funding due to the demographics and history especially prior to civil rights, etc.
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