Would you trade next years 1st to the Rams?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Galian Beast, Apr 27, 2012.

  1. Galian Beast

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    For their two of the rams second round draft picks (they have 3 of them).

    The Patriots have 2. Ravens have 2. Broncos have 2.

    Or maybe a 2nd next year, and some of our picks this year. I don't know. Point is I think we could certainly have trade partners after all assuming we're willing to trade some of next years picks.
  2. Woods

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    As much as I would like to recoup the 2nd round pick, I am more inclined to stay put right now for two reasons,

    1. I think we can still get a very good player with our 3rd rounder. For example, perhaps a player like Broyles, P Blake, maybe Winn or Wolfe (if we're really lucky).

    2. I think also Round 3 and at least the 1st half of Round 4 is a "sweet spot" in this Draft. There seems to be some really good talent around there.

    Just my opinion though . . . .
  3. nathanlt

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    Reverse the question, would you give away Dallas 2 2nd rounders in the top half that round, for a next years #1???

    Of course not! The Rams are in prime position. Now for Dallas, the only reason to forfeit next years pick is to shore up a big need, either Konz due to the improved offensive lines in the NFC East, or DT Ta'amu, because Ratliff has never been a true 3-4 NT, and wears down at the end of the season every year.

    Besides those 2 positions, there would be no reason.
  4. CowboyChris

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    i doubt the Rams would do that, but it would give them 3 1st rounders next year.
  5. DFWJC

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    A 2013 1st round pick is genrally considered the same value as a 2012 second round pick--assuming they are in the gernal range of each other (i.e. both middle or both early in the round).

    But no, I never want to trade a future 1st rounder away unless, of course, we see a way to get one back from someone else.
  6. The Realist

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    Seems to me teams do that almost every year. Give up a future 1 for top of 2 pick in current year.

    I would prefer to keep next year picks. With the the new CBA it's easier to move up to top 10.
  7. Fla Cowpoke

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    The old rule of thumb was a first next year is worth a second this year.

    So our first certainly should bring us a first rounder and of course New England LOVES trading seconds for next year firsts so I think it is a very possible option.

    I think it comes in to play if it is one of the BPA falls. I like Konz, but how much better is he than Blake, Brewster and a few other centers, especially considering Konz' medical history?

    It's more likely to happen in my opinion if a guy that was considered a lock first rounder or early second rounder drops down into the middle of the second. Fleener comes to mind, as does Gleen, Still, Worthy and a couple of the OT's.
  8. Sam I Am

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    They are rebuilding now. They won't do it. They will need those picks this year and odds just got much better that the Cowboys will have a late 1st round pick next year. Besides, we would be fleecing them again if they took that trade.

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