Would you trade Romo for the #1 pick?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by cowboysooner, Jan 4, 2013.

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    Short bus legend, I see
  2. Reverend Conehead

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    I agree with the others who say 2014, but not this year. Of course there is the chance we'll have the top pick in '14 anyway, God forbid.
  3. CowboysYanksLakers

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    I would do that...
  4. KJJ

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    Trade Romo and go with Orton next season and the Cowboys probably end up like the Chiefs this season.
  5. KJJ

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  6. KJJ

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    I've been accused of being a Romo hater now someone thinks I'm over rating him. lol The Cowboys will never win a championship with Romo I've been saying that since I signed on here 3 years ago but without him or someone just as good the Cowboys are playing out the season in week 17 instead of playing for a playoff spot.
  7. funkytown

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    I'd make that trade for a #1 this year and #1 next year.

    Would not trade Romo straight up for the 2013 #1 pick. There is no Luck, RG3,Cam Newton type talent out there this year. But next year you would have 2 #1 picks to try to get Clowney.

    But. If we traded Romo to KC, and we started Orton: KC would be a playoff team and the Cowboys would be 6-10.
  8. TwentyOne

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    Very easy question. Yes!

    Thats 3000 draft points. Figure what we could do with that.
  9. KJJ

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    Still shaking my head at some of the suggestions in this thread. Can't recall a thread where I've disagreed with more fans. There's several who would trade Romo for the #1 overall pick then trade down to acquire more picks. :cool: Can anyone think of a team that's ever traded for the #1 overall pick and then started trading down from there to add more picks?

    Those suggesting that need to take a close look at Jerry's trade down history and the players he's come up with by trading down. No team is going to trade their starting QB who's a current top 10 QB for the #1 overall pick and start trading down for more picks that's ridiculous!

    When a team trades for the #1 overall pick it's because they covet a player at that spot usually a QB. What's being suggested in this thread will never happen because it would turn the Cowboys into what the Chiefs were this season. Jerry isn't about to leave himself without a productive QB in the NFC East having to face Eli and RG3 twice a year. No GM in their right mind would do what's being suggested even the 89 Cowboys didn't trade down from the #1 overall pick to add players.

    Jimmy and Jerry were smart enough to add a franchise QB with the pick then trade their RB who wasn't producing for a number of picks. They got so many picks in the Walker deal they could miss on a couple of them and still be okay. Even in 91 with the #1 overall pick the Cowboys stayed pat and selected Russell Maryland because it was safe. Jimmy knew the player and what he was getting rather than trade down for more picks and end up with nothing because the draft is a CRAPSHOOT.

    The Rams would have been a lot better off last April had they stayed at #2 overall and taken RG3 and traded Bradford at some point. If a team gets a special player at QB they can go from a loser to a playoff team over night just look at Indy and Washington. If I'm going to make a bold move it's going to be for a QB. The Cowboys would have no chance of competing for the playoffs without a top 10 QB.
  10. KJJ

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    You could end up with nothing because the picks you get are nothing more than a roll of the dice. You're investing your starting QB on some unproven players. Even if you hit on the players you'll still lose the next season because you won't have a top 10 QB. You may be losing for the next few years using draft picks trying to replace the QB you traded.
  11. casmith07

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    And the same people that said "trade him!" would be ripping the front office when we finished 4-12.
  12. KJJ

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    Exactly because 4-12 is about where the Cowboys would be until they find another top 10 QB. Here's a list of the QB's who've won the last 9 SB's Eli, Rodgers, Brees, Roethlisberger, Eli, Peyton Manning, Roethlisberger, Brady, Brady. The last 9 QB's who've won SB's are all elite QB's. Some here apparently don't value the QB position very much but the position makes or break a team and that list proves it. If you don't have at the very least a top 10 QB your chances of winning a championship are very slim in this era of passing the football.
  13. HappyOnions

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    That's all conjecture.

    Romo isn't going to guarantee that a team gets better because he's on it. It could be like Bledsoe going to the Bills. Lots of numbers, still no playoffs.

    If the Cowboys go 6-10 or 8-8 again without Romo, then what did we really lose?

    I don't foresee this scenario ever actually happening, but I would absolutely take that #1 pick from Kansas City if they were foolish enough to give it up for Romo.
  14. KJJ

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    Without Romo you lose hope because he at least gives the Cowboys that. The team would have ZERO hope with Kyle Orton who's a step down from what Vinny and Bledsoe were when they played for the Cowboys. They were very productive big armed QB's during their careers who are both ranked in the top 10 in career yards. Orton has been a very unproductive QB during his career and he's not mobile. He's so average it's mind boggling that any fan would want to enter a season with him as the starting QB.

    He took the backup job in Dallas because not even KC thought he was better than the 2 stiffs that just led them to a 2-14 record. The Cowboys wouldn't have won 6 games with Orton this season. No team is going to leave themselves with a Kyle Orton as their starting QB that's why he's bounced around the league and is carrying a clip board now. You enter each season trying to give yourself the best opportunity to win. You're looking to give yourself a chance! Every season is important you don't enter a season excepting you're going to be bad just to position yourself for a high draft pick the following April.

    Minn found out last night what happens when you don't have a QB who can play. They have one of the best RB's of our era and got smoked because their QB couldn't complete passes. Every team in the playoffs has a QB who helped lead them there. Only a foolish fan would trade a top 10 QB like Romo who at least gives you a chance in week 17 every year to make the playoffs for a stiff like Kyle Orton who will turn the Cowboys into a 4-5 win team.
  15. DFWJC

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    No you're not a Romo-hater. Detractor maybe. But at least you provide some insight on your opinions.

    That guy, however, is the very defintion of a non-objective Romo-hater. There are a couple of others about at his level too. Once you remove any objectivity, then any dialog is useless.
  16. StarBoyz83

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    How much would everybody that doesnt like romo like it if he signed with the eagles lol. That would be horrible for us. Im behind romo still hes our franchise qb.
  17. DWhite Fan

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    I get frustrated with Romo too, but he absolutely gives Dallas a solid chance of winning every game. People on this board are hilarious! They have no clue how bad this team would be without Tony. Romo is a damn good QB who, as I have said many times, has the ability to lead Dallas to a SB. Romo made mistakes in the Washington game, but he did not lose it by himself. Lots of blame to go around...
    Next season can't get here fast enough :starspin
  18. ufcrules1

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    Romo is a "good" regular season QB who chokes in big games. He is nothing more than fools gold. Another 8-8 season and 18th in the draft. Some fans are just gluttons for punishment. They get the same thing over and over without different results and they gobble it up. Insanity!
  19. Wood

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    I think what most are smarting up to is..does Romo really give you a chance? He has been here long enough that he has experienced turnover in the roster at probably every spot except his position as QB. When we say a QB gives a team a chance...I think there ought to be some facts to support that and one playoff win in 7 years as starter doesn't really constitute chance but rather 'not the right guy for the job'. Its also the nature of how he loses these elimination games. It takes toll on fans. At some point, powers to be need to just admit he is not healthy for the team or the fans. You might need to step back and god forbid Dallas might need to go 4-12. Dallas is operating like a team that thinks they actually accomplished something. That is what needs to change. There is nothing on this team worth protecting.
  20. KJJ

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    From the comments in this thread what most are doing is giving up on Romo and the team. Some not only want to move on from him but a few want to move on from Ware and Witten and simply blow the team up and start from scratch. There's been turnover at almost every position but Romo's because he's been by far the best QB the team has had since Troy Aikman. The Cowboys haven't had a QB since Romo took over in 06 who's come close to challenging him for the starting job. The team hasn't made an attempt to find anyone who can compete with him.

    There's plenty of facts to support he gives the team a chance and his resume that includes 4 playoff games and 3 season finale's that had playoff births riding on them back it up. There's only been one season since Romo became the starter that the Cowboys didn't have a playoff shot entering the final week of the season and that was in 2010 when he only played 6 games due to injury. What constitutes a "chance" is making the playoffs or having at least an opportunity to make them heading into the final week of the season. If failing in the playoffs constitutes not being the right guy then Matt Ryan might not be the right guy in Atlanta he's 0-3 in the playoffs.

    It took Peyton Manning 5 years in the league and 4 playoff opportunities to finally win a playoff game. I never heard anyone questioning if he was the right guy. The 5 seasons prior to Romo as the starter the Cowboys only made the playoffs once. It was the QB's prior to Romo who weren't the right guys that's why they came and went. Romo's production and efficiency throughout the regular season every year and his ability to extend plays gives the Cowboys a chance heading into the final week of the season every year. That constitutes a chance.

    That's the issue with Romo he's terrible in do or die games and most fans are finally starting to come to grips with it but he's good enough to put the team in position every year to play in elimination games. There's a lot of QB's in the league whose teams are already done and are playing for next year by week 17. What would take an even bigger toll on the fans is if the Cowboys were going 5-11 every season like the team did from 2000-2002. Granted things aren't good right now in Dallas but without Romo or a QB who's just as productive and talented things would go from bad to worse.

    At some point sure but you have to wait until he's not producing and giving you a chance to win every Sunday. Romo just passed for over 4900 yards and had 28 TD's with a passer rating of 90.5. No team is going to look at that production and say a QB like that isn't healthy for them. If the Cowboys didn't have that kind of production this season from their starting QB they may have very well been 4-12. Without Romo the Cowboys might be where the Chiefs are. No team needs to take a step back and go 4-12 because 4-12 might be what you're looking at for awhile if you don't have a top 10 QB. It's about moving forward not taking steps back. The 89 Cowboys didn't trade the opportunity to get a franchise QB to try and acquire draft picks.

    The first thing that team went after was a franchise QB and sacrificed another player at a less critical position to acquire draft picks. It's a lot easier finding a solid RB than it is finding a solid QB. You can't move on from Romo until he either stops producing or you have a better option already in place. You can't move on from him and except 4-12 seasons until the day comes when you finally find another top 10 QB. There's been a lot of QB's similar to Romo who can produce during the regular season but who fold in elimination games. The most difficult thing is to find a QB who's clutch in those games. The Cowboys have to stick with Romo until they find a better option or it will be back to what it was in Dallas before he took over and no fan whats to experience that again.

    The Cowboys are operating like a disorganized team. What needs to change is the head coach/OC and bring someone in who's actually qualified and have them work with Romo. It's not physical with Romo it's mental.

    A franchise QB who's currently a top 10 QB is worth protecting because the Cowboys are a 4-5 win team without them. We're all frustrated but you simply don't move on from your franchise QB until you have another one in place. I can't make it any clearer than that.

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