Would You Trade Romo For The Following?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Vinnie2u, Feb 21, 2013.

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    Why do people forget the stretch he went on the last 7-8 games? For the Cowboys, those were ALL playoff games. With how insanely well Romo played the last 8 games of the season I don't think it's far fetched that any QB would would be due for an off game.
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    Just wow.
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    I completely agree with what you are saying because you are right, Romo makes us competetive. My point is that if my scenario were to ever occur I don't think it would be an isntant no. You're also right about the draft being a crapshoot but think about this for a minute, how did the cowboys rise to the power in the early 90s? Trading Hershal Walker right? I am in no way trying to compare to two as being equal but if it wasn't for the trade for Walker which warranted many picks (and players) I don't think our dynasty would of happened. I am also sure (no evidence to support) that at time it caused a lot of outrage because Dallas just traded its best player for a bunch of picks to take a crapshoot on players in the draft. With those picks thats how we got E Smith, D Woodson, A Harper just to name a few. People on this board constantly talk about all the holes we have (and rightfully so) and if you can sacrifice 1 player to fill the majority if not all of those holes then I feel a decision like this would have to be taken into consideration.
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    All that trade of Walker was before the salary cap came into place...things don't work that way now.
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    In 89 the Cowboys traded an RB not their franchise QB. There's a big difference between trading an RB and a franchise QB. The Cowboys would have never become the power they did during the 90's had they not used the #1 overall pick on Aikman or had they traded him in 1990 instead of Steve Walsh. Having a franchise QB was a big part of why the Cowboys became the great team they did during that decade. Those Cowboy teams had to beat 3 teams in the postseason during the 90's that were being led by future HOF QB's to win those 3 SB's. It's more critical than ever in todays game to have a QB who can make plays in and outside the pocket. Most championship games come down to QB's having to make plays. The NFL today has become a QB driven league you can't win consistently with a great defense and 4 yards and a cloud dust.

    QB's are producing a good percentage of their teams offense today especially the duel threat QB's. Sure the Cowboys came up with a lot of terrific players from the Walker deal but that team doesn't succeed without a franchise QB who became a SB MVP and a Hall of Famer. It all starts with a QB and that's what Jerry and Jimmy started with in April of 89. You have no chance of winning a championship in this era without a real good QB and regardless of Romo's struggles in elimination games he's still a real good QB who gives the Cowboys a chance.

    Garrett would most certainly be a dead man walking entering next season without a franchise QB. Do you think Jerry is going to leave Garrett with Orton next season? :cool: No one knows better than Jerry what can happen without a franchise QB he's been there and you can bet he won't leave his team in that position again. If fans think the OL is bad now stick Orton back there and see what happens.
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    I'm with you BUT Romo still gives the Cowboys a chance. He gives them a chance every year. With a lesser QB the Cowboys would have been out of playoff contention well before week 17 last season. At least with Romo there's a glimmer of hope and with Orton or some other journeyman at QB the team and fans have no hope.

    It's very difficult to find a franchise QB because so much is put on their plate today so if you have one that gives you a chance you have to ride with them until they stop giving you a chance. There's teams in the league that don't have QB's who give them a chance and none of us what to see the Cowboys end up in that boat.
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    Wonder why people aren't talking about the other side of it. I wouldn't give up a 1 and a 3 for a rental, esp. if I'm a bad team and therefore those picks are high in their respective rounds, and if I have a bunch of needs and could use all the picks I could get.
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    Do you think that this team will be good enough to win a Super Bowl in the next 2 years?
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    I've talked about the other side of why would a team give up a lot for a QB who can't win big games and it's because teams get desperate for a QB and would see Romo as being better than what they have. If a team feels a QB is better than what they have they'll make some crazy moves. That's why you see a Raiders team give up two #1's for a Carson Palmer. Nothing Palmer did in Cinn warranted that price but he was better than what the Raiders had and they were desperate.

    You see teams taking QB's in the top 10 of the draft that were rated late first round picks only a few weeks earlier because they're desperate. They see that QB as being better than what they have so they roll the dice. You can't win consistently without a QB even if you have a 2100 yard back so teams take chances on QB's. Now that rookie QB's aren't breaking the bank you're going to see more teams reach for QB's in the 1st round.

    A month ago none of the current college QB's looked like sure first rounders now we're hearing about one who could possibly go #1 overall because the Chiefs who are picking #1 overall ended up in that position because they don't have a good QB. It wouldn't surprise me if 3-4 QB's go in the first round in April. All these QB's start looking a lot better in April when you're desperate. I would hate to see the Cowboys end up being desperate for a QB. That could lead to them giving up more picks over the next few years trying to replace Romo than the number of picks they got for trading him.
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    Not without a franchise QB they won't be. They won't be good enough to win a SB until they find one and that's taken more than a decade for some teams to accomplish. I'll say it again you don't move on from Romo until you have at least as good a QB as he is on the roster. There's issues with Romo but he still gives the Cowboys a chance.
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    Well, it's the limp on vs. rebuild dichotomy. Can't win without him in the short term I agree, but probably can't win with him either given the trench weakness and cap situation. Make a bold Jimmy Johnson call now and get some future picks or pay Tony a ton of money in his waning years and maintain an expensive backup because Tony is likely to get hurt. Rather than spend those resources on developing his replacement or an OL that will be able to protect his replacement.
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    In a second.
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    The Cowboys are one of ten teams with at least 3 top ten finishes in passer rating since 2006. (They have 5)

    Of those ten teams, there are 6 of a possible 7 Super Bowl champions. There are 10 of a possible 14 conference champions. There are 16 of a possible 28 conference championship appearances.

    Of those ten teams with 3 or more Top Ten appearances, the Cowboys and the Texans are the only ones without a conference championship appearance to show for it.

    The Cowboys are one of seven teams with at least 2 top five finishes in passer rating since 2006. Four of those Seven have won Super Bowls. Five of those Seven have played in a Super Bowl. Six of those Seven have played in a Conference Championship. You know who the seventh is.

    Since Romo has been our quarterback this team has not had a quarterback problem, it has had an everything-else problem.
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    :laugh2: As long as you guys have done this I won't laugh too long not too hard.
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    I would let Romo go for those pics.. A 1st and a 3 rd .. heck yea !!!

    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    So let me see....

    We have a QB that is worth protecting

    and now it is asked if we should trade him to improve the line to protect a QB that is not worth protecting.

    Just sounds wrong.
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    Id trade Romo for her....

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    The Cowboys wasted 3 years trying to develop Romo's backup rather than trying to find a QB who had a future to replace him. It's left them with nothing behind Romo but a immobile journeymen. You can't trade Romo when you don't have a QB behind him you can win with. Jimmy traded a RUNNING BACK in 89 and he got draft picks AND players. He made sure he got more than just a bunch of rolls of the dice in the draft for Walker. It's a lot easier replacing an RB than a franchise QB. The Cowboys ended up using one of those picks in the trade on Emmitt who became far better than the back they traded to get all those picks.

    The Cowboys had hit rock bottom in 89 so making a bold move by trading a 27 year old RB made sense. That team had more holes than Bonnie and Clyde's death car but one hole it didn't have was at QB. Jerry and Jimmy made sure that was the first hole they filled. That's a hole that can take on water and sink a team faster than the Titanic. The Cowboys still have a team that's competing for the playoffs so trading Romo who almost put up 5000 yards and 28 TD's last season and leaving themselves with a journeymen who's making his 4th stop in the NFL since 05 would be a ridiculous move. Every championship team starts with the QB and you build around them. You don't trade your franchise QB in an attempt to fill some holes leaving yourself with a gaping one at QB.

    The most sensible move is to add more pieces around Romo to try and take some pressure off him. You try and improve the OL with the picks you have which would help the pass protection and the running game. Taking just a little pressure off Romo might be the difference in him overcoming some of the issues he's had when it gets down to crunch time. The Cowboys haven't prepared themselves for life after Romo so they have no choice but to hang onto him if they want to be competitive. It doesn't take a "great" team to win a championship nowadays as we've seen with the Giants in 2011 and the 10-6 Ravens this past season. As long as you have a "solid" QB you have a chance.
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    She's hasn't helped Mark Sanchez' game. She would be a distraction.

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