Would You Trade Romo For The Following?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Vinnie2u, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. Zordon

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    I'd probably need a 1st and 2nd. I would do that in a heartbeat.

    I'd go 2 offensive linemen, 1 safety, and 1 dlinemen with those picks.

    Tank for a season with Orton, then do whatever it takes to get Johnny Football or Teddy Bridgewater in 2014 to go into the future. That would revitalize the franchise.
  2. CliffnMesquite

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    I would trade him for a double order of cheese fries...And a soda.
  3. TwentyOne

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    Where are the statistics for that ? Please give facts and no arguments that are based on feelings.

    Last time i checked Andrew Luck and RGIII both made it to the PB. 12 of the 16 QBs that played in the SB in the last 8 years were first round picks. Not that shabby of a chance to get a starter at QB in round 1 i would say.

    And dont get me wrong: i dont want to trade Romo. It's just the way some people trying to argue. They arent able to give any facts but post bold statements that are based purly on emotions. I will never understand why people are embarrassing themself over and over again.
  4. lostar2009

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    these people love their Romo:rolleyes:
  5. Vinnie2u

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    Like another poster said. We're not going to win in the next two years. By then Romo lovers will be complaining about his bad contract.
  6. SDCowboy85

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    You really need statistics to know that most QBs in the NFL do not produce at a top 10 level?
  7. Erik_H

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    So on one hand you don't think Romo can do the job, but on the other, you assume a 1st and 3rd rounder for him. Is that because you are so much more savvy than NFL GM's?
  8. Nation

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    For starters, 12 of the 16 quarterbacks to play in the Super Bowl the last 8 years were not first round picks. Kaep, Brady, Brees, Warner, Brady again, and Hasselbeck all were not first rounders. And even if that were true it doesn't make it easy to find a starter in the first round.

    Below is a list of the 20 first round quarterbacks taken since 2006, Romo's first year as a starter.

    Of the 20, 7 of them have proven to have no business being a starting quarterback whatsover, with Brandon Weeden not included but there's certainly an argument there.

    13 of the 20 have shown to be nowhere near Romo's ability, and I'd say 4 of the 20 have a better shot of winning a title in the next five years than Romo does looking at talent alone.

    So let's use our heads and not let a historical 2012 draft class cloud the fact and issue statements like "Not that shabby of a chance to get a starter at QB in round 1".

    #1: Andrew Luck (Stanford), Indianapolis Colts
    #2: Robert Griffin III (Baylor), Washington Redskins
    #8: Ryan Tannehill (Texas A&M), Miami Dolphins
    #22: Brandon Weeden (Oklahoma State), Cleveland Browns

    #1: Cam Newton (Auburn), Carolina Panthers
    #8: Jake Locker (Washington), Tennessee Titans
    #10: Blaine Gabbert (Missouri), Jacksonville Jaguars
    #12: Christian Ponder (Florida State), Minnesota Vikings

    #1: Sam Bradford (Oklahoma), St. Louis Rams
    #25: Tim Tebow (Florida), Denver Broncos

    #1: Matthew Stafford (Georgia), Detroit Lions
    #5: Mark Sanchez (USC), New York Jets
    #17: Josh Freeman (Kansas State), Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    #3: Matt Ryan (Boston College), Atlanta Falcons
    #18: Joe Flacco (Delaware), Baltimore Ravens

    #1: JaMarcus Russell (LSU), Oakland Raiders
    #22: Brady Quinn (Notre Dame), Cleveland Browns

    #3: Vince Young (Texas), Tennessee Titans
    #10: Matt Leinart (USC), Arizona Cardinals
    #11: Jay Cutler (Vanderbilt), Denver Broncos
  9. DFWJC

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    Good job.

    The data is there, so people can take from it what they want.
  10. L-O-Jete

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    Can Romo win with this team? If your answer is yes then keep him, if your answer is no then trade him.
    Seems logical and easy to me, and if the answer is no I might even be tempted to trade all players with trade value over 27 years of age.
  11. DFWJC

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    You would hope this team as it is right now will not be the same team in August, and especially in December.
  12. SWG9

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    The problem with the "we can't get rid of Romo unless we clearly have a better option" is that it inevitably puts us in the exact same situation we were in with Troy Aikman. We all know how that turned out.

    Think about it: Dallas will never be quite bad enough to get a top five pick and a shot at a premium QB prospect. They'll never use a later 1st round pick on a developmental QB because they'll always be convinced that they're just a couple of players away from contending, so they'll use that pick to fill an immediate need.

    Eventually we'll wake up one day with a broken down and essentailly worthless 37 year old Tony Romo and nothing behind him. At that point we'll all say "hey, time to go get a QB". It's unfortunately not that easy.

    At some point you have to bite the bullet and be a little proactive about trying to replace Romo. Yes, it's a roll of the dice, and it might even mean mailing a season in. But it's better than wandering around in the QB wilderness for years starting the Clint Storners of the world.

    I'm not saying that he has to be traded, but there is a certain point where if the package is good enough, it at least has to be considered.
  13. BringBackThatOleTimeBoys

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    Does anyone see how some fans are trying to have it both ways with Romo?

    He's been made into a poster boy of choke, yet hoping to get a lot of value from him in a trade?

    If you were going to sell a car or house, what kind of leverage would you have after the town has known for years you think it sucks?
  14. L-O-Jete

    L-O-Jete Well-Known Member

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    We've been hoping since 2007 basically, when do we stop hoping and start doing?
  15. DFWJC

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    Not too many players on this team that were here in 2007. A few of the better ones, and that's it.
    Now if you think the REASON is Romo, then by all means dump him. Just come out and say it if that's how you feel.
  16. Nation

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    Who have you wanted replaced since 2007 that is still on the team?
  17. KJJ

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    You're not comprehending what he said his comment had to do with "production" not with finding a starting QB. He said "The odds of our next attempt at franchise QB being as productive as our current one are very, very low." He used the word "productive" and he's correct it won't be very easy to find a QB as productive as Romo. Luck and Cam Newton are the only QB's who've come out recently that have put up over 4000 yards passing. RG3 had a good year in 2012 but he was 1700 yards behind Romo in passing and threw for 8 fewer TD's.

    Russell Wilson had a good year but he was 1800 passing yards behind Romo and tossed 2 fewer TD's. It's obvious by their numbers they had a lot more help from their running game and defense than Romo had from his. Only 2 QB's threw for more yards than Romo in 2012 and only 5 QB's threw for more TD's than Romo. In Romo's 7 years as the starter he's passed for over 4000 yards 4 times and the 3 times he didn't was due to him not playing a full season. He's thrown for 26 or more TD's 5 times and the 2 times he didn't was due to a shortened season.

    Even the last 2 SB winning QB's haven't been as "productive" as Romo over the course of their careers in the regular season. Romo consistently puts up over 4000 yards passing and 26 or more TD's. Because of the Cowboys lack of running game and the teams average defense the Cowboys would never be able to compete with a QB who couldn't put up the numbers Romo does. As far as "production" goes he's up there with the best but the big issue with him is not being able to produce when it matters most. In the critical make or break games late in the season his turnovers go up and his production goes down. This is where I've been very critical of him which has caused some to think I hate him. :rolleyes:

    He's been able to carry the team at times during the regular season but he can't do it when it's down to do or die. One of the most difficult things for a team to find is a QB who can get it it done when your season or a championship is on the line. There's been a lot of very productive QB's but not many who've been clutch.
  18. cowboyschmps3

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    2 letter word, NO
  19. GimmeTheBall!

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    You cannot contain the pent-up disillusionment with Romo.
    I think we all agree that Romo is a skilled QB.
    But I think that most here will agree he will disappoint when the pressure is great in a key game.
    We've seen the movie before: Romo backpedals, scans the field, is pursued and throws on the run on one foot. The interception is thrown.
    Romo in the presseer says the team has to improve and he wants to continue working to improve.

    It's a movie i don't want to see again, but jerra his fans and we doubters will go back to the scene of the train wreck and see it again. And our winters will be cold and empty and the Ravens of the world will celebrate and we are left to say wait til next year.
  20. respectdatstar

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