Would you trade Tony Romo for

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by HappyOnions, Jan 15, 2014.

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    Several of the QB's on that list had the pedigree which is why they were taken so high in the draft. Trading Romo for the #1 overall pick would force the Cowboys to take a QB with that pick and have to play them as a rookie because Kyle Orton isn't the answer. Putting a rookie QB behind center on a dysfunctional poorly coached team that has a defense that needs overhauling would be a recipe for disaster. See how many young QB's you can name that have had success with no support from their defense. The Cowboys wouldn't win more than 3-5 games with a rookie QB and if that QB proves not to be the answer it would set the team back even further.

    The Cowboys are far enough away from being a championship team as it is the last thing they need is for Romo's replacement to go bust. Jerry wouldn't take the #1 overall pick for Romo if it were possible because he knows his golden boy Garrett would have no chance of winning having to develop and go through the growing pains of a rookie QB on a mediocre team that has no defense to help bail them out.

    The only argument Jerry can make for keeping Garrett after 3 straight 8-8 seasons is that the team has been competitive playing for the division title in week 17 the last 3 years. Once the Cowboys start suffering losing seasons under Garrett in which they're out of the playoff race entering week 17 it will force Jerry to have to make a coaching change. Hard to spin progress is being made after a losing season. The Cowboys aren't built to have success with a rookie QB. Romo has productive seasons every year and can't win more than 8 games for this screwed up organization.
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    Yes, but not all are young. Some (on the list) have pedigree but lack youth. The rest may have youth but not the pedigree except RGIII. I take either of the young studs with pedigree from this draft.

    As for the rest of your argument, the Cowboys aren't winning a lot of playoff games with Romo and he's another year older. Romo's light is fading and the Cowboys opportunities for success are negligible. If Houston is foolish enough to want Romo for their #1 I would do it in a minute.
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    Most of the QB's on the list are young and several just entered the league. Some like EJ Manuel and Ryan Tannehill are still developing and may end up being solid NFL QB's down the road but you've already written them off. If you're the Cowboys and have the #1 overall pick you take the best defensive player on the board to help fix the biggest problem on the team the defense. The Cowboys aren't even making the playoffs with Romo which tells anyone who knows football it's not all because of him.

    Romo has his drawbacks but he's the main reason the team is competitive and has a chance to make the playoffs every season heading into week 17. If it wasn't for the play he made vs Washington in week 16 on 4th down with time running out the Cowboys would have been done entering the season finale vs Philly. Until the defense is fixed and a solid HC is brought in you can't bank your future on an unproven rookie QB who would have the weight of the world on their shoulders being the #1 overall pick of the Dallas Cowboys.
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    Preaching to the choir. If you read the post it is a preference based on options. The fact that Romo is a legit QB, or the age/ talent of the QBs on the list, is really irrelevant.

    Preaching to the choir.
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    Imagine where we would have been just last year without Romo. With the worst defense in the league he still managed to win 8 games. That is borderline remarkable.
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    I think Orton would have won at least 8 games too against below .500 teams like Romo did. Also, if you go back to the 2010 season you will see that our backup Kitna had a better record than Romo and put up more points per game.
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    Big Ben, otherwise none of them.

    There are three QBs i would take to start a franchise, they would be Newton, Wilson or Luck

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    Big Ben.

    Even though I don't like him I trust him wayyyyy more than Romo.

    If we had him instead if Romo since day 1 we would have 6 SB's and not the stealers.... Maybe not 7 but definitely 6.
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    The fan I'm preaching to isn't part of the choir. He has an issue with the age and pedigree of most the QB's on the list even though the list consists mostly of young QB's that have good pedigrees. He's a fan who's living in the moment. Had this topic been brought up last year at this time with the same list of QB's he would have picked RG3 over Romo but because none of those QB's listed led their teams to the playoffs this season he doesn't want any of them even though several have shown potential and the jury is still out on them.
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    I appreciate your courage in writing this awful post.
    Now, in the future, let's think these things through before we post.
    And never drink and post. Take it from me.
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    Flacco, Ryan, Tannehill and Stafford.

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    I'd also take Stafford. Matt Ryan is good too, this was just a down year.
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    Hey, I was jus kidding, osshifer.
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    3 words. defensive quarterback rating

    pick any season. look at superbowl champs. then look at the cowboys.

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