Woulda Coulda Shoulda 2008 Draft

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Chris in Arizona, Nov 24, 2008.

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    Our picks:
    1(22) - Felix Jones RB Arkansas
    1(25) - Mike Jenkins CB South Florida
    2(61) - Martellus Bennett TE Texas A&M
    4(122) - Tashard Choice RB Georgia Tech
    5(143) - Orlando Scandrick CB Boise State
    6(167) - Eric Walden DE

    1(22) - Chris Johnson RB East Carolina - went 24th
    1(25) - Kenny Phillips S Miami - went 31st
    2(61) - Martellus Bennett TE Texas A&M
    4(122) - Tashard Choice RB Georgia Tech
    5(143) - Orlando Scandrick CB Boise State
    6(167) - Chris Horton S UCLA - went 248th

    I wouldn't change 3 of the picks and usually I rip apart the Cowboys draft picks. Phillips would solve our need for a ball-hawking safety and despite drafting him I would still take Horton. Too good of a player to go that low in the draft.

    Go here if you'd like to look at the whole draft...

    Obviously it's easy to go back and see who may have been the better pick. this is for fun only.

    Some other recent woulda coulda shoudla picks...

    2006 1(18) Bobby Carpenter LB Ohio State
    - Antonio Cromartie CB went 19th.
    - DeMeco Ryans LB went 33rd.
    - Marcus McNeill T went 50th.
    2006 2(53) Anthony Fasano TE Notre Dame
    - Devin Hester KR went 57th.

    Can you imagine this team with Antonio Cromartie and Devin Hester instead of Bobby Carpenter LB and 1/2 of the 4th rounder we acquired for Anthony Fasano???
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    With Pac Man getting suspended, Newman being injured and Henry showing his age, we definately needed Jenkins and Scandrick. Besides Phillips isn't a ball hawk. He's solid in pass coverege and run coverege, but he's not a ball hawk (wasn't at Miami either).

    Horton would've been nice, but in all honesty I just wish we kept Erik Walden.

    As far as 2006 goes, that was just a bad draft. Carpenter is a bust. Fasano started off hot with Miami, but has disapeared. Hatcher is a role player at best. Skylar Green is either not in the NFL or soon to be out. Pat Watkins is an ok special teams player, that's it. Montavious Stanley and EJ Whitley aren't on anyone's roster and Pat McQuistern is a 3rd OT at best.

    Not a single starter or impact player amongst them.
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    Why are you bashing on Felix...all he did was score TDs when we put him in the game. He has made a positive impact. Unfortunately he got bit by that darned injury snake that has been slithering around valley ranch all season. We need to get us a mongoose to kill that darned snake.

    I am happy with Mike Jenkins....just wish he would nut up and tackle. However, he is doing a nice job in coverage. Of course, I would have preferred Antoine Cason, but I am pleased with Jenkins.

    Since we gave Walden away for basically nothing, I wish we would have either traded up for Owen Schmitt or taken Colt Brennan.

    Instead of Marten, we could have taken DE/OLB Brian Robison, WR/KR Jacoby Jones, or WR/KR Johnnie Lee Higgins.

    Instead of Stanback, we could have had WR Steve Breaston.

    Instead of Carpenter, we could have had Manny Lawson. Cromartie was a huge injury risk, so I can see why we passed on him.

    Instead of Fasano, we could have had Marcus McNeil, Devin Hester, or Maurice-Jones Drew

    Instead of Skylar Green, we could have had Dumervil or Hixon.

    Instead of Stanley, we could have had Johnny Jolly

    Instead of McQuistan, we could have had Cortland Fennigan or Marques Colston
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    I really hate threads like this. If you wanted to complain about the draft you should have down it in April. Now you're just pissing in the wind.

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