Wow. Antonio REALLY goes off the deep end

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Skeptic, Jun 13, 2004.

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    Where did you find this, I know it is not true. but it is funny though. LOL
  3. big dog cowboy

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    Ha! Did someone get you?
    The story you read was a complete hoax!

    If you are reading this page, it's likely that you read a 'fake' story from the 'global associated news' --a totally bogus news source.

    This news story was dynamically generated by someone who visited the site. It was created by dynamically inserting a name into a template on this web site.

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    masturbation world champ[ Popular ]
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    female nympho launches porn site featuring herself
    the fountain of youth - sperm with magic power if swallowed by women
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    man loves the RIAA, and turned all of his friends in!
    (fake web site template)Homegrown Gay Porn Site Joke (turn your friends into gay porn stars!)
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    Here's a few more. Please use some common sense when playing a joke on your friends with these stories. They are viewer requested and may not be funny to some people. --you asked for them, here they are:

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    If you have comments about this site, or would like to submit feedback, please use our public forum: Fake A Forums on UJ Network

    For all of the people who still don't believe me (about not storing files with your info on it), I've removed the index file from the directory where the story templates are. You will see that there is nothing in the directory other than templates. These stories are dynamically generated and exist only when your browser is open. Story Template Directory

    [ if you were the subject of a 'fake' story, and would like to have you're name 'disabled' from the wildcard DNS, please send me a note via the feedback form. Removal requests may take as long as 10 days to be processed ]

    Copyright © by Fake A Wish All Right Reserved.
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    roflmao....he defecated on the floor...." too funny!
  5. junk

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    Now if this was true, he should team up with Najeh Davenport and do some sort of commercial. New handy travel size Charmin or something.
  6. iceberg

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    i'd have been a lot more likely to believe it had it been blade. :)
  7. Skeptic

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    My favorite part is where he invites onlookers to "have a piece of cake".


    June 13th fools!
  8. The Curly One

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    And I liked it! I mean it was funny as long as it is someone else....
    What a cruel joke. You guys do not mind kicking a brother while he is down thats for sure. Sh!t even I am starting to feel sorry for him. Curly

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