WOW-Ernie Sims OLB w/speed has had 5 concussions at college

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Apr 26, 2006.

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    WOW, Ernie Sims, reportedly one of the outside linebackers the Cowboys were insterested in, has had 5 concussions at his college. He even had scan done to see if any brain damage.

    But to me, thats a warning, 5 concussions that was reported. Thats not good for a linebacker that you need to give out the punishment, not get it. To me, he might not be able to play too long before serious head injury.

    PFW also reported that McNeil big huge OT that I like, main reason he is sliding, even to his back injury wasnt the main issue, its his knee. We need this year, our first 3 picks take guys that are healthy and can play for us this year, not next year. We need impact players now, not a year or two from now. So, listen to your scout Parcells, dont pull another boner by taking another Jacob Rogers type player. When your scouts tell you NO!!!!!!!!!
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    Wonder if his stock will start to slide?

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