WOW, Guys, the safety position in 2007 Draft is loaded next year

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Jul 20, 2006.

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    WOW, guys, just thought youd like to know, the safety position in next year's draft is loaded at safety, I am talking about guys 6-0 to 6-3, 210 to 225, with about 4.45 to 4.38 speed in the 40.

    I know, I know, hopefully we have our free safety now with Pat Watkins, and Justin Beiraut backing up Roy Williams, but its still scary about the issue with Keith Davis and being shot twice in a 3 year span.

    And I am talking about the safeties, some true free safeties, as big and fast as Darren Woodson. I am sure your all aware of what Bill Parcells said, when he first saw Darren Woodson at a pregame visit, he asked Jimmy Johnson who is that fast guy, he is going to be a star. The rest is history!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    (Ed note: Every day until the beginning of the college football season, we'll be profiling a player, or players, who may not yet be household names, but could very well end up being a major factor at the 2007 draft.)

    20. FS Josh Gattis, Wake Forest? 6-1, 210, SR? Put Wake Forest FS Josh Gattis on just about any other program in the country and he?d almost instantly be recognized as one of the DBs in the 2007 draft class. At 210 pounds plus, Gattis has prototype size for the position, plus he has excellent speed; indeed, Gattis was a nationally ranked high school sprinter and hurdler with a 10.5 clocking for the 100M. Gattis is a sure tackler with 177 career tackles, including 72 last fall, although he doesn?t get into the backfield all that often. Gattis is also a fine pass defender with decent instincts and excellent range; he picked off 5 passes last season, including two he returned for TDs, and also broke up another 4. For good measure, Gattis forced 4 fumbles in the past couple of years. Gattis is also known as a hard worker who has been described as a being a coach on the field. Not surprisingly, Gattis is also a very good special teams player. The only concern about Gattis is that he has some problems with a concussion in his past.

    19. SS Sabby Piscatelli, Oregon State? 6-3, 226, SR? Oregon State?s Picatelli is a LB-sized safety with enough speed to have seen spot action at cornerback over the course of his career in Corvallis. Piscatelli has also been a solid special teamer for the Beavers and also is in effect the quarterbacks the defensive backfield. Indeed, Piscatelli is a character player who is smart, very coachable and a hard worker. He?s also a very good athlete with decent speed and better quickness and instincts. Piscatelli has also been a very durable player who has made 23 straight starts. Despite his size, Piscatelli isn?t a huge hitter, but is a solid wrap-up tackler who has 113 career tackles for the Beavers. And again despite the size, Piscattelli has actually been even more productive in coverage as he already has ten career interceptions including 4 last year and 5 in 2004. Piscatelli has excellent range playing in reverse and will battle for the ball in the air. And Piscatelli?s best football is likely still ahead of his as he is a relatively newcomer to the game as he did not play football until his junior year in high school.

    18. DB Eric Weddle, Utah? 6-0, 200, SR? In a conference not known for defense, the Mountain West have maybe the best all-around defensive player in college football in Utah DB Eric Weddle. Weddle, the conference?s defensive player of the year in 2005, isn?t huge at just 6-0, 200, but he is big hitter who already has 213 career tackles, including including 20 for loss and 9 sacks. Indeed, Weddle reminds a lot of the Rams? Adam Archuleta the way he attacks the line of scrimmage. Weddle also has decent speed with a reported 40 clocking in the 4.50 range. Weddle is also very quick, plus he?s very aggressive and instinctive in coverage such that he has actually played a lot of corner in his career at Utah. Weddle, for example, Weddle held Georgia Tech All-American WR Calvin Johnson to just 2 catches for a measly 19 yards in last year?s bowl match-up, plus he also has 11 career interceptions. Indeed, Weddle is one of the more versatile players in the country as he has also played a little QB at Utah where he has also returned punts, punted, and held for the PK. In the end, though, Weddle is probably still better suited to playing SS at the next level where he will be able to range the field making plays, but he could also project to corner in a pinch.

    17. DB John Wendling, Wyoming? 6-1, 222, SR? The Cowboys? John Wendling is yet another in what seems to be an inordinate number of prototype ?the best player no one has heard of?? prospects in the 2007 draft class. Wendling is an athletic, physical center fielder type who also plays the run like an extra LB. Wendling is very aggressive coming up to the line of scrimmage to support the run defense; he?s a solid wrap-up tackler who has posted 165 tackles the past couple of season. Wendling, though, also has good range and instincts in coverage where he has picked off 6 passes in the past two seasons; indeed, Wendling is an excellent athlete with reported 40 clocking in the low 4.4s plus he has a 40-inch plus vertical leap. Wendling in fact was a track star in high school where he was a state champion long and triple jumper. And just for good measure, Wendling is a character player and outstanding student who has been a three-time all-academic nominee in the Mountain West.

    16. CB Marcus McCauley, Fresno State? 6-0, 205, SR? McCauley played in the shadow of former Fresno State CB Richard Marshall, a second round pick by Carolina at the 2006 draft, but is an emerging cover corner in his own right. At 6-0, 205, McCauley the size to match-up with most big receivers, plus he has excellent speed and quickness with a nice break on the ball. For good measure, McCauley is also a tremendous leaper who will battle for the ball in the air. McCauley had 4 picks and 11 other pass breakups the past couple of years; he?s also a very good tackler who had 45 stops last fall; at the same time, though, McCauley isn?t all that aggressive coming up to support the run defense, but is an excellent open field tackler.

    15. DB Kevin Payne, Louisiana-Monroe? 6-1, 212, SR? ULM DB Kevin Payne may not be the best prospect in the 2007 draft class, however, a case can certainly be made that he could very well be the most versatile. Payne actually started his college career as a RB; in fact, he rushed for almost 1,000 yards and caught 41 passes as a freshman. Payne though, moved to defense last fall after breaking an arm mid-way through the 2004 season. Fully recovered, Payne lead the Warhawks in tackles last fall with 87 and also picked off a couple of passes in his first full year on the other side of the ball. For good measure, Payne also averaged almost 29 yards per return after taking over as ULM?s primary KO returner mid-way through the 2005 season. And just so he doesn?t get bored this coming season, Payne is also currently listed as ULM?s punter for the 2006 campaign. In fact, Payne has all the tools to be a good pro secondary prospect including prototype size along with very good speed and quickness; he also has a solid attitude to the game and just needs more experience to really enhance his draft grade.

    14. DE Daniel Bazuin, Central Michigan? 6-3, 270, SR? Bazuin is the top returning pass rusher in college football after posting 16 sacks last fall despite being doubled teamed on just about every play; Bazuin also piled up 10.5 other tackles for loss to lead the whole nation in total tackles for loss. Bazuin is a terrific athlete who was an all-state prepster in three different sports; has an explosive first step, excellent upper body strength to maintain leverage once he turns the corner and outstanding closing speed. In fact, Bazuin has better than average speed, posting a reported 4.68 40 time at the CMU pro day in March. He also showed decent functional strength registering 25 reps pressing 225 pounds. And for good measure, Bazuin also has one of those non-stop motors. Indeed, he is more than just a pure pass rusher; Bazuin is also a solid run-stopper who has bulked up to close to 270 pounds. Has all the tools to be an early first-day pick this coming April.

    13. DB Aaron Rouse, Virginia Tech? 6-3, 221, SR? Rouse had been primarily a back-up LB and special teamer until last season, but emerged as one of the biggest hitters in college football last fall when he dropped back to a rover-type position. Rouse, in fact, still has LB size at almost 225 pounds, but runs like a FS with a reported 4.45 40 clocking. In addition, Rouse combines that size and speed with good instincts and play-making ability. As expected, Rouse was very aggressive forcing the run last fall, coming up to post 77 tackles. What wasn?t as expected was that Rouse was also very productive in coverage; indeed, Rouse picked off four passes last fall and broke up 5 others as he showed surprising instincts and range in the deep secondary. And for good measure, Rouse is also a solid potential special teamer.

    These players are good, and I didnt even mention Landry safety from LSU!
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    If we draft a S in the first day next year, I am going to be disapointed.

    Esp when OL, WR, QB could all use an infusion of young talent. And possibly a starting caliber RB if/when JJ goes down.
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    Yeah, I agree, we need a good offensive linemen, a impact WR, and a QB, but say, one of those safeties drops to 2nd or 3rd round. I am talking about making our defense a BIG MEAN NASTY DEFENSE, if Pat Watkins doesnt work out.

    I think he will, but I am just saying, what if he isnt. If we do have one weakness it is at free safety. Because we have our defensive line with Marcus Spears, Chris Canty, James Hatcher (reports are that he is similar to Leon Lett), Jay Ratliff, Greg Ellis (only if he wakes up and realizes that he can be on the # 1 defense, which will make his value even greater), Fergueson, Stanley, Thompson for the defensive line;

    Linebackers with Demarcus Ware, Brady James, Bobby Carpenter, Singleton-only a year or 2 left though, Akin, Shane, Fowler;

    Defensive backs with Newman, Henry, Glenn, Jones, Williams, Beraiut, & Watkins with Coleman.
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    Unless it is Laron Landry the FS from LSU. Then I am going to be amped.
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    We need more depth at DE, you know Bill is gonna nab another LB and TE. We need another good young receiver. OL depth. Lets hope Watkins works out. Still lots of priorities on this team. Davis is servicable. Probably ok after another year of starting. We need a push from our front seven and it'll make our secondary look just fine.
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    True, but if there is a guy out there, like a Darren Woodson, then I say take him in 2nd or 3rd.

    Remember we have to resign Roy Williams, and Brady James too. I am not sure about DE now, since we have Marcus Spears, Chris Canty, James Hatcher and Ray Ratliff, I think DE is fixed now. My concern is at DT if Thompson or Stanley dont work out, but I think one of them will. Since, Bill Parcells said that Thompson was a Godsend last year.

    But I do agree we need a good impact WR, a good offensive linemen, and a good young QB, I am still not super happy over Tony Romo. You never know, he might be our next great QB, however I still have hopes for Henson, but it seems like as long as Parcells is here, Henson doesnt have a chance.
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    I think you mean Thomas "Pepper" Johnson.
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    I think we're going to draft these positions:

    1. WR if there is value there. If there isn't we would probably go OG/OT.
    2. If we go OL in the first, we'll go WR, if not, we'll go OL
    3. LB
    4. OG/OT
    5-7 Whatever we need

    I don't think we'll draft a QB as long as BP loves Romo.
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    Yep, I'll be cheering if the Boys take him.
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    one of the top safties will fall next year and could be there in round 2 if we want, out of

    LaRon Landry (probably not falling)
    Brandon Meriweather
    Michael Griffin
    Tom Zbikowski

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