Wow, just watched RG3 highlights vs. Giants....

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by newlander, Oct 21, 2012.

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    Yes, they have figured out ways to defend these QB's.

    Are they still good QB's? Certainly. But teams have figured out a gameplan in order to get the best of them. Rodgers, Brady and Peyton are no longer quite as effective as they once were. Still great QB's, but not producing the large numbers they once were. Brees is not going to put up the numbers he did last season. Why? Teams eventually adjust how to defend him.

    The problem with a collegiate style offense is that they usually call for the QB to do some sort of running. And given the salary cap and how important reps are in practice to a QB, it's a real risk to have your QB running around a lot because noticing that mobile QB's get injured more often is like noticing that NBA players tend to be tall.

    It's a giant risk for a team because good QB's don't come cheap and it's difficult to have two quality QB's on one team without getting hurt in the cap. Then they usually want to have the starter get all of the reps in practice. With that, that's why teams in the NFL tend to eschew collegiate offenses with the QB running around, the 'punishment' for your QB getting injured is too great, particularly for a 20 yard run.

    Even the QB's that run more of a bootleg style and don't run a lot are more prone to injury as well.

    I think once defenses let RG3 try and beat them with his legs and key more in on Morris' running and defending the WR screens it will force a big adjustment on RG3's part.

    That's the difference between the Skins offense and what the Patriots ran, which is really a version of the Run-n-Shoot, except it uses pass receiving TE's and more importantly, has Brady operate more from the shotgun. Brady didn't rely on bootlegs and option reads to move the ball and outside of an unlucky play against Kansas City (and Brady is bigger in size than RG3), he never got hurt.

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    RG3 is for real, and i like the kid. Of course, I'm also a Baylor fan. My son is in his senior year there. The Cowboys will have time to figure him out, and our DB's are a lot better than the Giants.
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    What's ironic is that many of these Skins fans were saying the same things about Romo in 'wait until defenses get film on him.' Except the difference was they believed that Romo would never work out past the 2006 season, once there 'was film on him.'

    By the end of 2006, teams saw ways to defend Romo and used it. But by 2007, TO was healthy and the offense changed with Garrett at QB and Romo did fool teams in the sense that he was a quality pocket passer.

    In 2008, teams came up with different ways to defend Romo and Romo sort of hurt himself by trying to play more like Tom Brady and force himself to stay back into the pocket and neglecting that he was most effective outside the pocket and stepping up into the pocket.

    Then in 2009 the offense changed again with Miles as the #1 WR and Romo not being so insistent on hanging in the back of the pocket. But we didn't adapt enough in 2010 and the offense didn't exactly play well under Romo and he eventually got hurt on a missed blitz pickup by the other Gronk.

    And so on and so forth.

    I think one thing is for style offenses don't work for long in the NFL. For all of the talk of NE's style of offense, it's been said that it was more of a decendent of the run-n-shoot than an actual collegiate offense. I think where the misconception came from was Urban Meyer and Belichick being friends, but NE's offense and Meyer's offense are almost nothing alike other than using the shotgun a lot.

    It was not all that long ago that everybody was raving about the Wildcat. And outside of the Jets, whose O-Coordinator is Sparano, I can't think of a team that even attempts to run the Wildcat today

    I just believe that history dictates that sooner or later RG3 will have to make some large adjustments because college offenses do not work for long in the NFL. He may or may not have the talent to get around that. But a lot of it will require for his coaching to be able to make the adjustments as well. All the meanwhile he may not stay healthy enough in the process.

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    We are scoring 18.8 pts/gm and giving up 22.2. So I'm concerned.
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    RGIII is talented. His problem will be that he is going to suffer a lot of injuries due to being a running QB.

    Can't wait to see Ware slam him to the ground like he did Marshall Faulk or Ratliff t-bag him like he did Jason Campbell. :laugh2:
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    Did you see Morris dragging tacklers yesterday. He is a solid hard runner. I agree that defenses need to focus on stopping him, but that really is what makes Griffin's ability standout, because he is definitely a multiple threat player. If you start stopping Morris, Griffin can still choose to keep it or throw it. And he seems to understand that getting down or getting out of bounds is critical for his health as well.
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    Unfortunately as a Cowboys fan, i have to agree with you. I think the worst thing as a non-Redskins fan is the fact that he is a rookie. Obviously there will be an adjustment period at some point. But as teams figure him out, he'll also in time become a more complete player.
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    couldn't edit due to work getting in the way of the 15 min time limit:

    So, that said, I do agree with the basic premise that 7 games does not a HOF career make. We will have to see how defenses adapt to him, and then how he adapts to them.
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    Nobody finds players at a certain position that fit their coaching scheme like Shanahan can with tailbacks. If history is an indicator, Morris will last about 2 years and then Shanahan will find another tailback late in the draft to take over. It's really incredible that other teams haven't learned better from Shanahan's ways with tailbacks.

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    Along with that, an o-line that IMO has 1 NFL starting caliber o-lineman (Trent Williams) is running the ball so effectively.

    It really is something
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    Great post! RG3 is doing all he can do to help his team win.Its not his fault their defense is the worst in the league.He also gets major props for doing what he is doing without half of his starters on ofense.They won't win many more games b/c of all the injuries but I am estatic of what I have seen from my new QB.I will defintely enjoy watching him quarterback my team for a very long time.

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