WR Adreus Bowman injured

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Nors, Nov 11, 2007.

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    November 11
    (9:00 AM): Top WR could be done for year… There were some gloomy faces at Oklahoma State last night after the Cowboys lost to unbeaten Kansas 43-28. In addition, to the loss, Oklahoma State officials fear that star WR Adarius Bowman, one of the top WR prospects for the 2008 draft, may miss the rest of the year with a leg injury. Bowman landed awkwardly after being hit low by Kansas CB Aqib Talib on a short reception. Bowman hobbled of the field but was reportedly in real pain on the sidelines. With the 43-28 win over the Cowboys, along with top-ranked Ohio State’s loss to Illinois last night, Kansas is one of just two remaining unbeaten D1A college programs.
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    I'd be uber-happy with drafting both of these guys in the first.
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    what would be ideal would be for this injury to cause his stock to drop and allow us to get him in the 2nd round.......though that wont happen.

    but if it did, we could then use our 2 firsts to get a CB and a RB
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    Yeah, I hate to say it, but if his stock were to drop to late in the 1st round and we got him, I'd be ecstatic.

    I'm a big fan of this kids game. Too bad he got hurt though. You hate to end your senior season with an injury. No way to go out.

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