Twitter: WR Coach Dooley talks Eric Rogers, Terrance Williams...other tidbits

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Jul 26, 2013.

  1. WoodysGirl

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    Brandon George ‏@dmn_george 6m
    New Cowboys WRs coach Derek Dooley said he's been impressed with undrafted rookie Eric Rogers so far, but he has to be consistent every day.

    Dooley said the hardest adjustment for college WRs turning pro is getting off of press coverage and man coverage at the NFL level.

    Dooley said that former Baylor WR Terrance Williams has been getting better, particularly in his route running, which needed improvement.


    mike fisher ‏@fishsports 6m
    Keyshawn Johnson, a SoCal resident, rolls into Camp #Cowboys

    Jon Machota ‏@********** 5m
    Matt Johnson said he had a cramp, tightness in his hamstring during the first couple days of camp. Has been fine since. "I feel good."

    Bruce Carter needed to improve flexibility in offseason. Did hot yoga. "I started out doing 30 min. I couldn't do an hour. It was terrible."

    Bruce Carter: LBs are taught all 3 positions. If Sean Lee went down, Carter said he could play MLB. "I dont think it would be tough at all."

    Tim MacMahon ‏@espn_macmahon 27s
    DB coach Jerome Henderson raved about rookie S JJ Wilcox. On Matt Johnson: Solid, detailed, but "I think he’s got to show up more."

    Nick Eatman ‏@nickeatman 5m
    SportsCenter at training camp today
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  2. DBOY3141

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    With Key in town, I'm sure Justin Beiber is no where to be found.
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  3. Deep_Freeze

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    We seem to keep hearing Matt isn't really flashing as far as making plays, gotta wonder if they say this cause he has JJ beside him making flashes so any flashes Matt has don't compare cause he's not going all Bill Bates like JJ is doing.

    Guess I'm wondering if Matt is holding back like your supposed to do this time of year in order to not hurt someone on your own team, and would he look better against real competition.
  4. WoodysGirl

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    Or he's just real rusty... or JJ is just playing that much better, even w/o the BB comparisons.
  5. speedkilz88

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    I believe the media was saying he did well the first day and then the cramps started bothering him. So hopefully the day off will give him a little more time to shake that stuff off.
  6. speedkilz88

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    I hope there is going to be an article on the Dooley interview.
  7. rkell87

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    I haven't been this interested in watching the second team in preseason in a long time. Wanna see how jj and johnson look next to each other, wanna see hanna and escobar in the 12 with randle and dunbar rotating and I wanna see williams, beasley, and harris in 3 wide sets and see who makes the plays
  8. Deep_Freeze

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    Yeah, its nice to hear JJ is doing well, but we need Matt to do well also as we really don't have alot of depth at safety. Matt really seemed to be a hitter from the clip his mom probably took of him, I can see a guy holding back against his own teammates.

    Cramps and JJ just plain playing better also contributes of course, and since we really haven't invested alot in the position, we really need to hit the lottery here with a couple of guys.
  9. Staubacher

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    I think JJ is just that special. I think we struck gold there. Johnson still has potential too so hopefully he'll progress. But Wilcox is gonna blow up
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  10. xwalker

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    Wilcox was my favorite draft pick in terms of upside. He was better in the coverage drills at the Senior Bowl practices than some CBs including Webb. He was impressive covering WRs and those drills favor the receiver.

    I think that Allen will be the starter along with Church at the beginning of the season. Allen is only player on the defense with experience in Kiffin's scheme.

    I expect Wilcox to be a starter next year if not sooner.
  11. rocyaice

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    With the way they've been talking about him I don't see why he's not the starter now. Everyone behind him has no experience or just as much as him and he's the one getting rave reviews.
  12. Frozen700

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    Tired of hearing about Will Allen possibly starting. I can't take another Elam, or McCray part 2.

    Just let the young guy play
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  13. EPL0c0

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    I'm hoping that Matt Johnson ends up being one of these guys that may not flash greatness in practice/camp but has a knack for showing up on gameday.
  14. conner01

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    jj is just a football player. he has no experience at the position but he just makes plays. you can't teach instincts. he just seems to be a natural where ever you put him. gotta wonder what he can do when he actually learns how to play the position
  15. Doomsday101

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    Thing is Allen is making plays if he continues to do that then I don't see the issue. It is after all about who is making plays right?
  16. AsthmaField

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    I think we ended up with a special player there too. He is simply impressive. He impressed people at every stop: GA Southern, the senior bowl, the combine, pro day, and in Dallas.

    I really think we stole one there.
  17. rags747

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    I say just get him in there as well, starting Allen is a step back.
  18. WoodysGirl

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    I agree. You don't hear a lot about Will Allen, but from the few tweets/observations I've seen, he's solidifying his position as the savvy mid-level vet we need to shore up the position.

    Wilcox is a rookie and he's flying around and busting heads during practice. It's got to carryover in games. I think we'll all know a bit more when the preseason starts.
  19. speedkilz88

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  20. dmq

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    JJ Wilcox or Matt Johnson...... I realy don't care who starts. This is a win win for us.
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