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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by fifaguy, Apr 29, 2012.

  1. fifaguy

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    I want to say that I am extremely happy with two pick ups at WR especially.

    Danny Coale and Cole Beasley.

    These guys are the perfect fit in that slot receiver position. Though they are not tall receivers by any means they seem fearless going over the middle. They also are very shifty and quick, although some seem to be questioning their "speed". I hate to make a cliched remark, but they remind me of a Welker-Woodhead-Stokley type player haha.

    And lastly, I hope these receivers really push Ogletree. He is a receiver I have been down on. He had "potential" early on (3 years ago), but seems to lack in hard work, knowledge of the playbook, and overall development as a football player. I am hoping these young guys can step up early and provide the help he never could fill.
  2. Angus

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    Tell me more. Seriously.

  3. fifaguy

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    I wish I knew more... haha

    I live in Northern Virginia, and I remember watching a bunch of VaTech's games. Coale was the security blanket on that team. One criticism is that he tended to catch the ball close to his body instead of using his hands, other than that I really like the kid. He always seemed to find a way to get open, he was very agile, deceptively fast, and read zone coverage like a book. And I honestly can't remember any blatant concentration drops he had in all the games I watched.

    The guy from SMU looked very similiar from the videos I saw on him. Maybe even quicker. With speed like that I can see one of these players contributing as a special team, return man.

    I like the selection of these type of receivers because they seem to have a very positive attitude and want to learn, get better.

    Whereas from Ogletree, I have seen a player who is content with being average, lacks any improvement over the past 3 years and just seems to be a bit lazy in general.

    I know that is a bit harsh, but how many years do you give a guy to develop, learn the playbook and try to progress? I seem to remember us getting rid of Isaiah Stanback, Manny Johnson players like that just after a year or two of 'experimenting'.
  4. Eskimo

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    I really think Romo has missed having a WR with a high football IQ. Witten has it at TE. I think Miles is okay but not great. I think Dez struggles with the mental side of the game.

    From what I've heard Coale is great at reading coverages and knows how to get open and find the soft spot in zones over the middle.

    We have sorely lacked this kind of player.

    I know some have talked about how Romo won't throw to a WR over the middle. He'll throw to Witten all-day down there but not to a WR. I really think it is because he doesn't trust the WRs and knows a mistake will lead to an INT. I remember he used to throw to Crayton a great deal over the middle but not so much to Miles, TO, Dez or RW11.
  5. fifaguy

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    With this make-shift offensive line, not sure how long Romo will have to throw.

    Also I like the speed burner Saalim Akim. Guy is crazy fast. Don't know about his football intelligence, but he sure is fast.
  6. speedkilz88

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    Someone posted a youtube clip. His qb seem to have a lot of trouble getting him the ball. A lot of floaters. But towards the end they showed drills where you could tell that he ran pretty crisp routes and good hands. Didn't look as tall as listed though. Thought he looked closer to the size of his brother maybe a little taller.
  7. Paniolo22

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    Here is the indictment on O-Tree. For two years, his main play was the bubble screen. No real development after that. I'm relatively sure that Coale will have a spot in the rotation. The other UDFA WR's have a shot if they are strong on ST.
  8. DFWJC

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    I think the new guys this year added to the 3 almost new guys (no real training camp) from last will all give Otree something to think about
  9. strongbomb3

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    I still believe in Andre Holmes.
  10. Everson24

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    When you said that all I could think of is Bear Bryant's decription of Forrest Gump.:laugh2:
  11. newlander

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    ......to see him and Radway and Coale fight it out: they should just cut Ogletree now: can't friggin' believe he's still on this team:rolleyes:
  12. DFWJC

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    Coale and Harris will battle for the slot.
    Radway and Holmes are not slot WRs and will battle for backups to Austin and Dez.
    But one really shines, I guess they could move Austin to the slot if in a crunch.

    O-Tree's only advantage is experience. We 5+ young guys with no experience to speak of.
    Hopefully it's "adios"
  13. Chocolate Lab

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    Ogletree needs to be gone yesterday. Wrong kind of guy still around for some reason.
  14. JoeCorrado

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    /\ This....

    /\ and this
  15. Idgit

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    I agree. Romo threw to Crayton over the middle. But Crayton was a former QB himself, and a pretty smart player. Nobody like that on the current team until this past weekend. Let's hope that changed.
  16. DFWJC

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    Harris was a former QB too and a team captain. That's why it surprised me that he suppossedly didn't pick up some of the nuances of the slot (which requires far more reads than an outside WR) at the NFL level.
    I think all of these guys are going to greatly benefit from full OTAs and offseason work with NFL coaching.

    I am optimistic about Coale and have seen him play a lot at VT.
    I'm looking forward to seeing that battle between him and Harris for the slot.

    201 lbs
    4.5 40 (4.35 low)
    60 catches for 904 yards senior year

    205 lbs
    4.53 40 (4.43 low)
    101 catches for 1123 yards senior year.
  17. silverbear

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    Let's not ignore the other WRs the Cowboys signed, they might well factor into the equation...

    You've got Tim Benford, who had 216 catches for 3097 yards and 27 TDs in 44 college games played... physically, he's similar to Dwayne Harris...

    You've got Saalim Hakim, younger brother of former NFL WR Az Hakim... this kid's a real burner, having been clocked at under 4.3 seconds in the 40 on some occasions... he's tall and slender (6'2, 196 pounds), and man, is it tough to find info on him (stats)... from what I've been to piece together, he played for Palomar Junior College in Las Vegas before transferring to Tarleton State... sorry, can't find any stats, just the odd claim that he was dominating for Palomar JC...

    Then he caught just 18 passes for 358 yards in 2009, with 2 TDs, and a long of 52... clearly, he was stretching the field when he got the chance, but he didn't rack up awesome numbers (I do like the 19.9 yards per catch average)...

    Then it appears that he left school and played in the UFL, for the Las Vegas Locomotives... I've tried accessing his numbers at the UFL website, but keep getting error messages telling me to try back later... again, though, he reportedly performed at a high level, and one thing I found interesting, he was reportedly an outstanding gunner on kick and punt cover teams... FWIW, the Locomotives lost the league's championship game, which of course means they got to the championship game...
  18. Future

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    After Dez and Miles, we could have whole new look at WR next year. I think Coale will replace Harris, Holmes will make the roster, and Radway gets a serious look.

    I hate the idea of keeping 6 WR, but maybe with Beuhler's spot available they keep OTree as well.
  19. fifaguy

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    I don't understand the reasoning to keeping Ogletree after training camp. Yes he has experience and the other receivers don't. But it's not like he is a good locker room guy and has a positive attitude. He has the demeanor of some of those other players, locker room cancers, that were let go the past few years.
  20. The30YardSlant

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    First of all, I see no way O-Tree makes the roster again. With Holmes, Radway and Coale all expected to have roster spots in addition to Miles and Dez that leaves at most 1 open spot IF we decide to keep six at the position. Unless he plays much better I assume we'll dump him for younger talent.

    Second, Beasley will have to play very well to slide in a sixth receiver.

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