News: WR Laurent Robinson to work out for Cowboys

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by TheSport78, Sep 5, 2011.

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    it's not that everybody wants to dump him, he's clearly not in the future plans for the if you have to clear a spot on the roster, you have four running backs, that's one too many when the fourth guy will never dress for a game unless there's an injury and choice doesn't play special teams..
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    Well, he is the GM so........

    But, if we're going to really believe that Jerry has removed himself to the extent that some want to believe I guess bbgun was right when he said that Dallas wouldn't win again with Jerry as the GM.

    If Jerry has truly taken a backseat and Stephen and Red run the show, I see no reason to credit or blame Jerry from this point forward.

    Kudos to you, bbgun. You hit the nail on the head.
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  4. Avery

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    I can state for the record that he has an advantage on me in both categories.

    Hard to believe we'd just dump Choice when we could get a pick for him.
  5. kmd24

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    I don't necessarily want to dump him; just guessing at who it will be. The
    only positions we're long are RB and DL. I don't think any of the DL are going anywhere, but I could be wrong.

    Robinson will take a week or two to get up to speed enough to take the field, although the fact that he spent some time in Norv's offense may mean that he can hit the ground running since a lot of the concepts in Garrett's offense are supposedly similar.
  6. Dash28

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  7. texbumthelife

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    What?! There are most certainly almost certainties in football (that came out really confusing). I get that you like to use all the football cliches you can, but yeah, there are.

    For example: It's an "almost certainty" the Patriots will make the playoffs.
  8. TheRat

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    Tanner has shown he is capable.

    He lost me when he got Vick's (an Eagirls QB and puppy torturer) autograph on the field. That was ridiculous.
  9. Hostile

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    No, it isn't. There is no such thing.
  10. yimyammer

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    Good = Garrett

    Bad = Jerry

    Where u been man?
  11. TheRat

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    Sounds like he wants to start and he wasn't getting the opportunity with the Rams. Why do you think he would want to come here?
  12. jblaze2004

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    thanks for the memories. :bang2:
  13. Mansta54

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    Ain't that the truth... :laugh2:
  14. 5Stars

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    You quote bbgun as a source?!

    Dude, he hates Jerry like no one else! If you want ride on his bicycle, have fun.
  15. Nirvana

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  16. Teague31

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    this. choice is clearly not a garrett kind of guy.
  17. xwalker

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    Laurent Robinson
    Draft Year: 2007
    HT: 6-2
    WT: 199
    40: 4.38
    Vert: 39

    Robinson was a 3rd round draft pick by the Falcons in 2007.
    He was traded to St. Louis in 2009.
    Broken leg in 2009
    Signed with the Chargers in 2011.
    Released by Chargers on Sept. 3, 2011.
  18. Eskimo

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    This is his 5th year since the draft.

    Unfortunately, he basically lost his 3rd year due to injury was recovering during his 4th year from the injury.

    I guess he is a vet and should be able to pick up the offense pretty quick since he was playing with Norv Turner's offense this preseason.

    I wonder if he was brought in because O-tree isn't optimal for the slot and Garrett feels Harris isn't ready.

    I think the best thing for O-tree is some time on the street, assuming he is the one being released. I wouldn't mind bringing him back to camp next year to see if losing that $500K gig will inspire him.
  19. Mansta54

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    Is it just Jerry or is it the Cowboys in general? I mean, I never see the dude post anything positive. Why not just pull for another team, dude is unhappy about everything... Geez!!
  20. LeonDixson

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    Thanks for clearing that up. I thought it was something simpler like if the antenna on your tinfoil hat starts going wiiiingg wiiinngg wiiinnng it meant that either Jerry had another evil plan up his sleeve or it was BBGun paging you.

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