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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by ghst187, Jan 24, 2005.

  1. ghst187

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    What does everyone think about taking Terrence Murphy in round 2? (presuming of course we don't take a WR in the first)

    I think he'll be a nice surprise for someone. I think he was hindered in college by a lackluster passing attack. Average size, decent speed, great athlete, runs excellent routes.
  2. Merlin

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    I prefer Troy Williamson even if we have to use #20 on him. He has size, speed, and good hands.
  3. Tio

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    I don't think he can become a number 1 based on his college career, but it might have been the system. Id like to have him, but won't mind if we pass him over for derrick blackstock.
  4. BrownSugar

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    You already know how I feel about him ;) ...
  5. trickblue

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    Murphy is a nice player... VERY worthy of a #2...

    But I doubt we make that pick unless we acquire additional 2's (which is possible)...

    We will address defense in this draft on day 1 I think...
  6. bennihanna666

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    it seems like everyone is looking t WR and seeing Edwards, Williams, Clayton, White, Williamson, and then nobody. Chris Henry is a pleasing 6'6" WR who could be useful if we decide to try and develop a young QB. Look back to Plaxico Burress and Roethlisberger. Wait, what about signing Burress or porter?
  7. joseephuss

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    A&M passed the ball quite a bit over the past few seasons. They certainly didn't pass it as much as Texas Tech or Oklahoma, but was on par with Miami and Florida St. as far as attempts. They utilized quite a number of receivers over that time and that is the reason why Murphy's numbers weren't that good. Also, he dropped many easy passes. I guess he got lazy or something on the easy passes because he could and did make the spectacular grabs. Very good athlete.
  8. playit12

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    I watched all the games I could from A&M this year and even though I really like Murphy as a good character player I don't think he'll be as productive at the next level.

    Here is a good article about Terrance the person


    First I think he's a little undersized at 6 foot. Also I don't think he has great football speed. Also he doesn't have great hands or excellent ball awareness.

    Basically he's good but not great in nearly all of the catagories. You can bet he'll work hard, as he has an excellent work ethic, but that just begs the question of why he wasn't better at this level if he already works that hard?

    I think Murphy has peaked sadly.

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