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Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by Phoenix, Apr 4, 2014.

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    Wow! Talk about timing...man. Just watched him getting inducted into the WWE HoF a few days ago, then yesterday afternoon I caught his Monday Night Raw appearance on DVR. And I think that he had JUST signed a "legends" contract for a year with Vince and WWE to become some kind of goodwill ambassador or something. Just. Wow.

    RIP Warrior.
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    I don't know who this guy is but I love those words he spoke because they are so true.

    I am sure wrestling fans will not forget this man.

    He looks in these pictures like he could bust thru a brick wall.
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    This guy was my absolute favorite when I was a kid :(

    This one bums me out
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    Horrible WM card. Probably the worst ever, IMO.

    Two things were good about the show. The opening match with Daniel Bryan and HHH and then Daniel Bryan finally winning the title. That was the only thing good about this card at all. Everything else was just BLAH.

    Cena winning was stupid. Bray Wyatt is as over as you can be as a heel and that's a great place to have him beat Cena. They just had him beat Bryan at Royal Rumble and they should have done the same at WM against Cena. Stupid as hell booking so they can keep Superman looking like Superman.

    Taker losing to Lesnar is about as stupid as it gets. That streak shouldn't have ended against someone you're not going to push to the moon.

    If you're going to have him lose his streak, which I'm fine with, you do it with a younger guy who this is that piece they need to give him to get him the push over the top to being a mega star. You don't waste it on someone whose older, has already been to the top of the mountain, and that the win is basically wasted on.

    Horrible, horrible, horrible idea.

    Being 20-1 with Punk winning last year would have been 10 million times better and made 10 million times more sense and even that would have been a waste because Punk was already insanely over and had already been the longest reigning champion in 25 years.
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    I liked the show a lot. Cesaro winning the battle royal was pretty cool too.

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