WRs arent the problem.

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by SkinsandTerps, Sep 1, 2005.

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    I dont think over the years I have ever started a thread here. But...

    The WRs that the Cowboys have, can play, can make plays, and will play hard. They are not the best in the NFL nor were the Pats over the last few years, nor were the Ravens a few years back.

    The problem is in part that they dont have a QB that can get them the ball or a OL than can protect the QB for 50 seconds (obviously a stretch).

  2. austintodallas

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    The part about the OL...maybe.

    The part about not having a QB that can get them the ball...wrong.
  3. Bull Frog

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    The Redskins should know first hand about not having a QB that can get the ball to the WR's. You would think with a QB named Ramsey there would be some protection back there. :)
  4. sacase

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    skins is right, teams that are winning have franchise QB's, all we have had is projects.
  5. Duane

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    The thing is, when one of out top two receivers goes down over the year, which always happens, we're stuck with UDFAs who are generally there to play special teams. Not someone who can actually play WR. With Price it gives you someone who can, and has, played WR at a high level on a full time basis.
  6. stilltheguru

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    teams that have been winnin have also had franchise defenses.

    everything dont revolve around the qb.
  7. LaTunaNostra

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    I have reasonable confidence once Rivera's hammy issue has cleared up, the run blocking will look pretty solid. I also expect at least as decent pass protection as last year's..that is, not sterling, but not the worst either. Flozel will still have problems with speed rushers, and Rob Petitti, as a rookie, will suffer some miscues. But I doubt the right side of the line is as penalty prone this year.

    Like your own line (which I understand looked pretty competent last week v Pitts), it is a work in progress, but has also looked steadily improved over the course of the preseason.

    As for Bledsoe, the mission is to give him what he needs, be it extra free time up the middle because he'll be blitzed heavily there, or more deep options so the underneath stuff won't rely so much on pinpoint accuracy. Drew is also charged with putting up enough points to carry the D thru some growing pains. Really, I don't see receivers as the weakest link on this team..I see QB as the weak link...so all the more reason to surround him with the optimum comfort zone.

    Frankly, I could wake up in the morning to read Drew Bledsoe had retired to become any number of things and feel grateful. But as long as he's the key to prolonging or shortening Tuna's career, I'm for giving him everything he wants.

    He just better deliver.
  8. jterrell

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    The OL has 3 Pro Bowlers. The QB has been to 4 Pro Bowls.

    The 3rd WR has only caught a couple of passes and the guys behind that 3rd WR are not even real WRs but more special teamers.

    Brother, stick to the skins and Terps, umkay:)

    I agree Dallas can be fine with its WR corps as constituted IF they get 100% health but Glenn missed most of last season and KJ played through an injury that required offseason surgery. Tha Pats are a good example because they keep 6 guys that can actually play the position not just run down and cover kicks. Spreading the field and allowing Brady more one on one matchups has him on the cusp of hall of fame type greatness.

    If there was a poll right now for next season's top target it would end up being WR to the majority. If you add Price I think that changes to LB or QB.
  9. silverbear

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    Rather agree about the QB situation, strenuously disagree about the OL...

    Does YOUR favorite team have three starting offensive linemen who have each been in the last 2 Pro Bowls?? When the Cowboys get Marco Rivera back on the field (soon), and stop auditioning assorted backups for jobs, their OL will be one of the league's best...

    As for our WR corps, it's OK, but only IF we suffer no injuries... look back to what the Cowboys' offense was doing last year prior to Terry Glenn being injured, and compare that to what they did after TG went down...

    And if either Glenn or Key go down this year, we're left with Crayton and the survivor of the injury bug, and nothing else that scares anybody...
  10. gbrittain

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    True, but you are comparing a Defense which is composed of 11 players to a single player on Offense.

    Pound for pound no one impacts a team more than a QB.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    I disagree. We do need help at WR. Our age at WR is prohibative. Our depth is prohibative and our ability to stretch the field is lacking. WR is a need, IMO, for this team.

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