WTB: Playoff tickets. I know

Discussion in 'Market Zone' started by mooseq, Nov 15, 2016.

  1. mooseq

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    I know its still early but I plan on going to Dallas home playoff games. Is there a season ticket holder that is interested in selling their tickets. I would take 1 or 2 ticket whichever works. Thanks
  2. danzryd

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    Keep in touch with me the closer we get. I own several seats so I'll have some to offer.
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  3. Simon1722

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    Hi. Same here. I am a big fan from germany and already bookt the flight to the USA in January.
    I hope to get 2 tickets for Dallas in the playoffs. I am there on Jan 14./15. and Sunday 22nd.
    So if there is anyone who doesn't need his 2 tickets and sell it to a loud fan for a fair price ( not these tripple ones) i would love it. Thanks.
  4. TheSkaven

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    Put me down as being interested as well. I live in Latin America now but am going to come back with my wife and stay three weeks in Texas just to see the divisional playoff and championship game (hope I'm not jinxing them haha)
  5. EST_1986

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    Put me on the list, Ill be coming in from the International Space Station the week if the conference championship game
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  6. Afigueroa22

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  7. TheKey

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    I have two in sec 441 on 40 yard line
  8. Simon1722

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    Hi. If there is ANY way that one Season Ticket holder would sent me this Pre Sale Code for Tuesday, that would be awesome.
    I bring a german beer to you for tailgate.
  9. themash

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    I am also looking for a single ticket, I nearly bought a good seat in C110 until I went to pay and realised the website then added $350 service charge! I grudge paying that level of service fee to a website and would rather buy direct from a fan.
    Any fans with season ticket to sell in a good seat pm me.
    I am a Scottish Fan and will be travelling all the way from Scotland UK to watch the playoff. Booked to stay until 23rd as hoping we'll have more than one match to play!

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