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    Have about 4 to sell.

    Alvarez 5022 S/N 14354 acoustic guitar made in Japan has a ding on the right side top of guitar courtesy grandson. No case. Looks like the RF20 $50.

    Alvarez Artist electrical acoustic guitar AD60C S/N 107 natural finish. Almost new condition. New dreadnought generic case. $275

    Waterbury Custom S/N 108003 solid body electric guitar w/case couple of very small nicks and tarnished bridge (have no idea how old it is). Gold hardware. Pickups??? $275

    Tradition S20 Les Paul wannabe S/N 02091195 Japan model gold top chrome hardware looks like current S200 model PAF Humbuckers. Comes with case. They are about $850 new with case. $275

    I'm having trouble showing pics right now so send me a PM with your email and I'll send them that way for now. Hopefully somebody will school me.

    Or will sell them all together name your price.

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